The Incurables

A community of critical-thinking, whip-smart, and motivated business owners who are ready to make substantial progress in their businesses WITHOUT going crazy trying to figure it all out on their own

Do you ever wish you could find that group of people who, like you, want to be part of a kick-ass community of business owners who fully admit that they aren’t much into joining groups?

That you were sure you were on the right track when you finally focused and dug into a project/part of your business?

That you could count on getting consistent support from other strategic, insightful and no B.S. business owners who get what you’re going through?

And while you may have joined group programs, masterminds or communities before, you just never seemed to get the traction in your business you so desperately want.

You’re not alone. There are others like you who simply want something different and more effective to get them to where they want to go.

With The Incurables, you’ll get exactly that.

The Incurables has been an oasis for me as a business owner. I love having a group to bounce ideas off of, time set aside every week for coworking sprints, and a new community where I get valuable support, as a person and an entrepreneur.

One amazing aspect is being able to tune in as much or as little throughout the week – some weeks I’m just showing up for the sprint, other weeks I’m joining the brainstorming sessions or interacting with folks outside of the group setting. I love both the flexibility and serious brain trust I get from this group.

Erin Allgood :: Social Impact Strategist


This community is not just about people getting together and talking about their business challenges, this community has a proven structure to help you actually get things done.  This is what has done wonders for me in my business.

Alarm bells might be going off right now. Structure! Ew! But you’re smart enough to know that without it, you’ll be taking a lot longer to reach your goals or you won’t reach them at all. This is the kind of structure that helps entrepreneurs thrive.

The Incurables community provides the kind of structure and accountability that is the perfect fit for those of us who value freedom and creativity.

I love your lean approach! I feel like I get exactly what I need in terms of accountability, connection, and problem-solving support without getting distracted by a lot of other offerings. The monthly overview and email office hours are definitely highlights. It’s such a great space.

Carol Marie Downing :: Coach + Music Facilitator

HI, I’m Heather

I’m a dual business owner, Canadian living in Sweden, and author of No Plan B: A Handbook for Incurable Entrepreneurs and Other Rebellious Souls.

I’ve joined business groups, taken programs, and participated in masterminds over the 10 years I’ve been in business but none of those really worked for me the way I needed them to.

Not until last year did I find the right mix for me and now I want to share it with you.

I’ve created The Incurables, so that you can experience the benefits of focused work sprints, a community of like-minded, ambitious, generous business-owning peers, and my support all rolled into one.

No distractions, no excuses.
Just good work with good people.

Proven effective

Truth be told, the seed for The Incurables was planted way back in 2016 when I went through Seth Godin’s altMBA. Seth created an experience…a commitment we signed up for to show up, a commitment to contribute, and a commitment to decide to ship imperfect work. That experience shaped the content of my book, and has very much informed what I’m inviting you to now.

Seth knows this works. I know this works. Because things work better when we do them together. So let’s make the commitment to move out of this pandemic and through 2021 with the right elements in place to succeed.

I LOVE the bi-monthly wrap-up emails and the brainstorms and sprints have been so helpful. The wrap-up emails make it so I don’t get FOMO about the Slack channel – I know I’ll be able to circle back and not miss important points.

The brainstorms are truly judgement-free and you get a bunch of brilliant and diverse minds looking at your challenge – I got so many opportunities and ideas I would have never thought of sitting by myself with my own brain.

As for the sprints, it’s really helpful to have a concentrated and consistent spot on my calendar to get focused work done and the pop-up co-working within the group gives a lot more access to that dynamic than I expected.

Audrey Holst :: Coach for Recovering Perfectionists

here’s what’s included when you join the incurables community

Unlike most groups that meet on Facebook, we don’t do that because it’s a distraction.
Here’s what we do instead:

Weekly 90-minute sprints to get shit done.

These serve as the foundation for our work together and we have separate US + EU cohorts to account for time zones. Members site these sprints as “game-changing” for their business. Don’t worry, all members are connected in Slack where we share resources and help each other find solutions, but our co-working sprints are time-zone based

Monthly email office hours – “ask me anything” style where you can get my help on whatever you’re working on

Yup, it’s access to me for a fraction of the usual cost. I’m both a certified CTI coach and I have 10 years and three businesses under my belt. Normally it’s $500/mth to work directly with me so this is a great way for us to connect

A community space on Slack

This is where we can communicate with each other, share resources, make connections and find answers, without having to join another bloated Facebook group!

Pop-up round-table facilitated brainstorming when members are stuck on something and need help

Got a creative blockage? We’ll invite other members to a pop-up brainstorm to help. These are on an as-needed basis and may be topic-specific, on occasion, if warranted.

A flexible, tested, effective framework to do focused, important work

Learn how to incorporate micro-commitments, removal of distractions + non-negotiable time to your workflow.

This is a 6-month commitment to shipping work that matters, without an unrealistic investment of time or buckets of money.  Most similar experiences (like mastermind groups) are a year long, and for good reason: that’s how long it takes to get traction. But I know that in 6 months you can achieve a lot. And if you dig the experience, you can sign on for the next six.

Cost: $147 USD/month

My favorite part of The Incurables by far is the co-working sprints. The more I work alone, the more I realize the collective energy of a group, even a group working on different things, is so energizing for me! I’m able to get so much done in 90 minutes – especially the kind of work I would typically probably procrastinate doing.

Heather is available for questions, and the group dynamic gives me the accountability and connection I crave. This is some of the best money I’ve spent on my business yet!

Kelly Covert :: Podcast Host of 'In Her Voice', Author + Inner Voice Coach

It took me many years of business ownership and consulting for others, slowly driving myself into the ground before I cracked this nut. In my coaching business I’d tested all kinds of offers like group coaching, international retreats in Peru and Iceland, one-month challenges, multiple variations of 1:1 offers….essentially I was just throwing things at the wall to see what stuck and in the process, working way too hard. Specifically, working way too hard for not enough consistent return ($$) to make it worthwhile.

What I hated was feeling uncertain about what would work best, and feeling like I had no one to ask…no one to bounce my ideas off to see if they had legs.

What I hated was developing ideas and not having a skilled set of eyes to review my copy to make sure it was actually representing my offer well.

What I hated was popping in to some of the entrepreneurial groups I’m in on Facebook to ask for help and getting either a) pitched or b) given sub-standard advice from random people who knew way less about running a business than I did or c) ignored completely.

It wasn’t until I got invited into a unique entrepreneurial collaboration after a conference I presented at that things dramatically changed for me.  After all these years, I finally felt like I had people who cared about my business doing well and vice versa. And when the resistance is strong, I had a bullet-proof card to play by joining a work sprint. Even better, it was in a “clean” space online…on Slack…none of the noise and distraction and GIF’s of Facebook.

As this experience slowly revolutionized my experience as a business owner, I realized I want everyone to feel like this kind of structure and brain trust can be available to them.

Won’t it be great the next time you have shiny object syndrome and one of your Incurable friends snaps you out of it because they know what your bigger vision is and can hold you to it?

Or knowing that you’re in a space that values collaboration over competition every. single. time?

There is so much strength in knowing we have People that have our backs, to help us brainstorm our way out of the flops and champion us to success.

This is for you if…

  • you’re already making a living as a self-employed person or business owner
  • you struggle with work boundaries, structure, and consistency
  • you really value your autonomy but know that being connected to other business owners is super important for business growth
  • you are truly committed to growing your business + know there’s no magic bullet
  • you’re high on integrity but also don’t take yourself too seriously
  • you’re driven to becoming the entrepreneur you need to be to build what matters to you
  • you want to both get and give support
  • you fucking love a brilliantly-placed swear word

This is not a good fit for you if…

  • you’re into manifesting/law of attraction thinking
  • you’re interested in the benefits of a smart group but not in giving much in return
  • you’re looking at joining as a means to get more clients from within the group (bad! not allowed!)

I can’t recommend The Incurables enough! This is a space to get stuff done, and high fives along the way.

You don’t need more stuff or another tutorial.

You need execution, feedback and impromptu coaching for bypassing mental (or real) road blocks.

The Incurables is about showing up. Doing the work.

Heather and the rest of the gang adds positive energy, know-how and food for thought as you work your way forward.

Marit Letnes :: User Test Leader + Content Advisor


What time are sprints held?

The US-friendly sprint is held every Tuesday at 900 PST / 1000 MST / 1200 EST
The Europe/APAC-friendly sprint is held every Wednesday at 800 GMT / 1000 CEST / 1600 HKT / 1900 AEST

What's your refund policy?

There are no refunds, but if you join and within the first month (30 days) you’re not feeling it, you can bow out and not be locked into the full six months. The Incurables only works when everyone wants to be there.

Do I have to be a business owner to sign up?

You don’t have to be a full-time business owner but it IS for incurable entrepreneurs, so if you’re just building up your side-hustle or consider yourself a freelancer who needs the support, you are more than welcome to apply.

Why is it 6 months long?

For two reasons. One is that 6 months together allows us to create habits that last. The other is that 6 months allows us to build community and lasting professional connections. In the past, I’ve run three-month programs and people always tell me, in the end, they wish it were longer. So, here we are!

I haven't used Slack before. Is it necessary?

Slack is pretty intuitive and I’ll be providing a simple how-to video to get you up and running. And yes, it is necessary to join us on Slack to take part. This is where we’ll be having useful convos and building our little community.

The reason I chose Slack is that I use it successfully for other groups and it’s the least distracting, most bullshit-content free zone I could find.

Read through everyone and still have a question about The Incurables? Contact me HERE.

Here’s the thing: every week, every month that passes is time you don’t get back. And the ironic thing is that you don’t need more time, you just need to decide.

Decide to take action.

Decide to systematize and respect the process.

Decide to set goals and show up to make them happen.

Decide not to do it alone.

See you on the inside?

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