This is your time.

Why waste another day pushing someone else’s pencils?

You’re out of the Matrix. You can’t unsee what you’ve just seen, and you get to decide what you’re going to do with that information.

It’s time to take action on your ideas, and I can teach you how.

This is what my book No Plan B is all about.

I wrote it based on a decade of entrepreneurship to help you work through the self-doubt, the indecisiveness, the comparisonitis, and all of the other things we need to wrangle in order to ship work that matters. I’ll help you uncover your unique fingerprint, and use that as the driver to bring your ideas and business(es) to life. And if you already have a business that’s humming along, this book will provide the reboot you need to take yourself to the next level as an entrepreneur.

Let me be clear: this is not the book where I tell you how to succeed in business. I won’t teach you how to get 500 followers overnight, nor how to jam people into your funnel to get X number of sales this month.

Rather, I will teach you how to find the answers you need and more importantly, how to ask the right questions

We’ll also explore how to make decisions about what’s right for you and your business when bombarded by 5,000,000 quick-success Internet carrots being dangled in front of your face.

This idea that entrepreneurship is some big hard unknowable thing only accessible to people with iron wills and high risk tolerance is BS. Fundamentally, the act of being an entrepreneur is just a rolling process of finding answers to questions for the thing you are building. Every single day.

It’s also really important to understand, especially if you’re not connected to the online business world yet, that you are not alone.

There’s an absolute groundswell of incredible human beings that have been working for themselves online for a good decade, who have leveraged office-based skill sets into other types of cool projects and are doing really well for themselves

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
You won’t be starting from nothing.
The resources are there for you.

Now you have a choice.


This is possible. For anybody. There’s nothing stopping you except your own lack of self-belief. But please do not fall into the trap of trying to do this alone. You may be a solopreneur but we all need the village to thrive and we’re here for you! If everything I’ve said until now is a“Hell yeah!” for you, then welcome to the table.

Let’s get to work.

What are you waiting for?

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