You’ve got the big vision.

I help turn your ideas into tangible things.

Whether you’re staring down a business revamp or starting a whole new business, my job is to help you put the pieces into place.


The Deal:

The Mastermind Sessions are two sessions (over two days) of diving deep into the things you can’t see because you’re too close to them. I’m the fresh set of eyes that helps you map out immediately implementable steps.

I specialize in taking you across the gap – the uncomfortable part of being overwhelmed with a lot of working pieces that need tending to and not knowing how to prioritize them. The human brain doesn’t do well when it’s trying to do all kinds of things – you’re either gravitating to the things that come easy (productive procrastination) or reacting to the things that are urgent.

Meanwhile the Important Work is falling through the cracks.

Our work together will break that pattern and help you create systems that allow you to focus on the critical actions needed for your business to grow.


The Impact:

I’ll get you focused, fortified against shiny object syndrome, and accountable to no more than three clear business areas so that you can get the traction you need.

After working with me you’ll feel like Hasslehoff in the 80’s – on top of your game. Because these sessions are results-focused, baby.

Expect transformation.
Expect leverage.
Expect to be energized around your business (project/goal/decision) more than you’ve been in a loooong while.


What I loved about working with Heather is she spent the time going deep and broad, understanding all aspects of my business. Which is truly refreshing in a world focused on selling/marketing more.

Heather supported me to look at everything with fresh eyes, finally cut ties with things I knew weren’t working even though id been working so hard to “fix” them. We worked our way through a big reset, gaining a clear direction to simplify and up-level my business next in a way that focuses on my unique skills and is fully aligned with my lifestyle. Now I see that focusing on +£100k business owners is viable and realistic, and will create space for me to have a clear offer.

Laura Cook

Founder of Laura Cook Financial Strategy :: UK

Heather’s approach quickly and effectively drives to identifying a target segment, deeply knowing what that segment wants, and positioning yourself to serve that segment uniquely.

Heather cuts through the bullshit and gets to practical steps, using both a coaching and advising approach to ensure you own the output and actions and also get great input. Bring your “A” game to Masterminds and you’ll get a lot out of it – Heather will push you and stretch your thinking!

Todd Bryan

Senior corporate strategy & development executive consultant :: Hong Kong

the details:

>> A detailed pre-session playbook for you to fill out so you can organize your objectives + get me up to speed

>> Two live coaching sessions via Zoom spread out over two days where we dig into your Why and look at where we need to leverage your superpowers better to get you where you want to be

>> Implementation time in between calls where you’ll do independent work and complete tasks I give you to tap into your genius 

>> An actionable multi-faceted plan and future strategy that you can implement immediately, based on the goals we throw down at the outset 

>> Recordings (mp3’s) of both of our calls together for you to review so that you don’t have to be constantly taking notes


fee: $2500 USD

NOTE: I don’t believe in scarcity tactics to increase sales nor do I teach any kind of questionable marketing practices that are out of integrity with my values. I’m also sweary, and my business is inclusive of all ethnicities, races, genders, sexual orientations, and abilities. Cool? Cool.

What’s next?

After making payment, you’ll get an email to choose a date for your session. And then closer to the date of our session you’ll get an online questionnaire to help get you organized for our work while allowing me to get to know you and your business.

Not 100% sure the Mastermind Sessions are what you need right now?

Been secretly wishing for a business partner or second brain to help lighten the load of running your own business?

Good news! I offer an invitation-only retainer option for clients who want to work together over a longer term. It’s called BACK POCKET BUSINESS ADVISOR, and it’s currently Wait Listed.

All retainer clients begin by going through either my deep dive Mastermind Sessions or my Serenity Now! Session, so that’s the best way to get started if you think you’d like to work with me on an ongoing basis.

The Back Pocket Business Advisor retainer is $500 USD per month and requires a 6 month minimum commitment. Fire me a message if you want to learn more about this option.


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