Look, it took even me a while to get it: A business without revenue is just a hobby.

In the early days, it’s normal to wonder (all the time) which of your efforts were going to actually bring you the BIG solid-gold-moolah wins. The breathtaking, actually-changed-someone’s-life, creatively-fulfilling kind of wins that the internet is full of but you can’t seem to replicate. The kind of wins you read about in other entrepreneur’s “monthly income reports”. (<< goddamn them!)

And everywhere you turn, there’s conflicting info:

Worse is that you find those widely-peddled marketing techniques are either too dude-bro spammy or too seriously “woo-woo” and feel eerily familiar. (Gasp: the latest pyramid scheme?!)

Why can’t the whole process of gaining traction be simplified? What the heck is missing?

Why is it taking so long to find and build an engaged audience? How do you build your expertise enough to be in-demand? Why isn’t there any solid, consistent strategy out there that you don’t have to pay $5000 for and fly to California for a Mastermind to gain access to?

Looking back on my own journey, I realized that building an online business that brings in raving clients and consistent income can be boiled down to a pretty straightforward process of just a couple of action steps you take every single day.

Obviously, that part is up to you: Doing the work. But it’s clearly not hard work that’s keeping you from consistent success because you’re already working your pants off.

Nope. What’s keeping you from consistent success is being unclear on which strategic avenues are going to bring you the most bang for your buck. 

So, friend…it’s time to go back to the drawing board to craft the RIGHT questions and answers for a revenue-generating plan that builds upon itself.

Trust me – this process helped me take my own online business to where it is today: growing year over year, helping ordinary people do extraordinary things with their lives.

I mean, for shits sake, it’s been 2+ years since you first started — and this feast-and-famine cycle is not why you launched your business, amIright?

Let me guess – you’re still grappling with a few (or all) of the following:

  • Where to find clients and how to create a process so simple, throwing their business/$$ your way is a no-brainer for them
  • How to turn your website into a lean, mean, lead-generation machine (even if you’re an introvert who mostly likes their hidey-hole)
  • Allowing your reputation to precede you so yours is the first name clients think of in your industry
  • Figuring out which business activities are the best use of your time
  • Delivering exactly what your clients want — and then delighting them even more
  • Generating consistent income with a ceiling that you decide
  • A reliable process to take your business from “viable” to “profitable”
  • And the worst is that when you look around there are other online business owners and digital entrepreneurs all around you who appear to be making bank and then some. (WTF)

Their social media is on point, they’re showing up everywhere, they’re invited on to podcasts and they’re consistently booked out. They have a steady stream of adoring clients and when you stalked their website, they have neat little packages going well into the thousands.


Let’s start there. What are they doing that you’re not? 

It’s simple: they’ve built a process that works for them, rather than making them work for it. This framework demands action but she’s an equally generous pay-master: she gives back tenfold what you give her.

So if you give her vague, sporadic posts on your website, thumb-twiddling and drunk-on-stress indecision about launching, that’s what you’ll get — vague, sporadic results.

And if you give her what other successful online business owners are giving, you’ll get that in return: simple execution and streamlined processes which, once learned and adopted, create the perfect pathway for long-term income growth.

It doesn’t matter when they started – only that they started, kept going and changed often.

They cut out all the distraction, the noise, the shoulds, and instead focused on building the totally predictable but incredibly important missing links that are keeping you from making way more income with your business.

PSA: It’s time to shatter your 4-hour-work-week dreams & give your business a reliable framework for more profit + growth

It’s time to stop being a business owner you hate: the one who tries to scam you through their sales funnel of empty promises.

Instead, I’m challenging you to only create high-value content, show up transparently and authentically. And you can do this because you’ve been listening to Your People (not the “gurus” or latest hack).

Look, there’s no mystery to turning “pro”.

Just as there’s no mystery to getting paid MORE.

There’s also no such thing as an entirely “dread-free” business owner (so buckle up sunshine, and get used to that feeling).

But there is such a thing as a PRO business owner:

  • PROductive
  • PROfessional
  • PROfitable

What else defines a pro?

  • Pros play the long game
  • They’re devoted to creating the conditions necessary to make your business work for you (rather than the other way around)
  • They know there’s grunt work to do before the proverbial pay-off

It takes a clear-headed person to save someone drowning. The bad news? The drowner is who we are when we allow procrastination, lame excuses, and paper-thin justifications to steal our purposeful work from us.

The good news? That clear-headed person saving you…is YOU. 

The Get Paid series are live, results-oriented workshops…

designed specifically to help you build a back-pocket process for your online business that you can reliably pull out every time you decide it’s time to grow even bigger.

The Get Paid series works because you do…

it’s a feedback-driven process that encourages you to follow along and work to ask (and answer!) the most pressing and foundational business questions you need to stop spinning your wheels, gain immediate clarity and finally get paid what you’re worth.

The Get Paid series DEMANDS you take action…

and uses essential questions, specific entrepreneurial case studies, and unique situations to help you identify the simple 1 or 2 most important things you need to take action on to kickstart your revenue growth right now.

At its core, the Get Paid series helps you to move powerfully from “Work-In-Progress” to “Working Process”. 

Part Compass, Part Fire-Under-Butt


And if you sit down, do the work and commit dedicated, focused time for both these workshops, you’ll reclaim lost time.

  • “Unorthodox” because I ask you to act in the moment, right there with me, instead of putting it off or, worse yet, putting it on some “to-do” list and then getting lost in the Internet quagmire.
  • “Unscalable” because you can’t pass it off to anyone. You’ve got to do the work yourself and answer these questions, one-on-one, honestly.
  • “Doable” because you’ll be following along with a group of online business owners and entrepreneurs who are exactly where you are: building profitable business foundations, hungry for wisdom and ready to take action.

The two modules of the Get Paid series gives you a framework that is perpetually useful, like that faithful, dog-eared book you’ve continually referred to over the years.

The Get Paid series is NOT a formula, because I’m not a formulaic person. Instead, I’m an “ask a lot of the right questions” person because I truly believe that you have your own answers that will work best for you. 

This is why the Get Paid series is designed to be a reliable and replicable process. Each of the modules in the workshop series includes prompts and time allotted to make changes right then and there, in real time. This means, no more procrastination, friend. You’ll implement these lessons immediately. 

You don’t need to re-invent the wheel.


You just need to change the dialogue. In this hands-on (pre-recorded) workshop, I’m right by your virtual side, doing just that.

And Who Am I?


I’m proof that the sky is the limit with how you build your livelihood, if you approach it strategically. I’ve been working for myself as an entrepreneur since 2011 and through trial and error it’s become quite clear to me that the fundamental principles of building a robust business never change. Frankly, the digital space is littered with too many wantrepreneurs wasting time chasing Shiny Things and making it way more complicated than it needs to be. Everyone’s looking for a quick fix, for a formula that will do the work for them. And let me tell you: there’s no such thing. All businesses need the same foundations. Beyond that, it’s what you bring to the fold. It’s how you show up. It’s how you create resonance with your audience. And it takes some creative sweat. I’m not gonna lie. Is it worth it? Shit yeah. I own two businesses I love and travel to some fricking cool places on the regular. This is the life I envisioned for myself. And no formula or expensive mentor got me here. I got me here, by not falling for the BS and instead doing what my businesses needed me to do. Full stop.


As an online coach and business consultant, I work with devoted and focused clients who are willing to put in the work to get their business ideas off the ground, but need help and guidance to separate the forest from the trees. In my other business – the polar expedition company – I charter ships, hire guides, do all kinds of business development with polar industry people, and during the tourism seasons, I sometimes pop on to one of our charters and help scout for polar bears. So you know….I know a thing or three about designing a life and a business according to your own goals, dreams and passions. Seem like a lot? For me, it’s just right. I like variety and I hate wasting time. I find the best way to get from A to B, and then I help my clients do the same. If something doesn’t work, I ditch it. And that’s what these workshops are about: working the time-tested strategies for business growth, sans fluff. In fact, it’s BECAUSE I don’t have time to work with everyone 1-on-1 that I created these workshops. The more people I can help patch the cracks in the foundation, the better. Why? Because I believe in the power of building assets worth owning — a business and a body of work that no one can take away from you. And I’m in it for the long haul.

The Get Paid series of workshops will quickly become your handbook for online business. Like me, they’re unconventional, yet deeply practical. I’ve designed them to focus on relationship-building and value-resonating, and there are specific, strategic ways these translate to your website, social presence and online activities.

Most importantly, the series encourages you to get out of your head, get some distance and get to work while you’re in the workshop. So pop open a couple of tabs and get ready.

Workshop #1  Clean up your digital house and make your messaging so coherent it hurts (in a good way)

(Value: $249 USD)

Part one: Would you buy from you?

This is NOT about “Comparisonitis”. Nope. This is about learning from those who are already doing great. This module is designed to:

✔ Ask the most important question: “Would you buy from you?”
✔ Take in-depth, detailed, top-shot view of other successful entrepreneurs in your sphere
✔ Pinpoint exactly what strategies they’re using online that uniquely positions them for profit.
✔ Evaluate: Where are you dropping the ball? And, more importantly, what action can you take right now to address that?
✔ Build a framework to take what resonates with YOU and your online brand and translate it into specific steps you’ll need to take.

Leave the rest behind.

Part Two: Website Flubs & How to Fix ‘Em

Your website is languishing on a shelf when what it really needs to be doing is working over time for you. The best part is that you don’t need any extra tools, shiny objects, heatmaps, trackers, pop-ups and whatever else people are trying to pass on to you. Instead, this module will give you:

Proven steps to “invite” people in, remain on your site
Coach their conversion from unaware visitors to ready-for-contact clients.
✔ Whip your social media into place to begin to act in alignment with your website

Part Three: How’s Your Internet Hygiene?

Fun fact: I used to work for big pharma (yep. Can you imagine me trying to be a front for The Man? It’s real, don’t judge). And back then, we’d talk about “sleep hygiene”  — how to evaluate the environment most optimal for a long night’s sleep. Your “Internet Hygiene” is the same.

✔ I’ll give you an entirely new and radical way to measure how well you’re using the social platform.
✔ Where are those ideas for innovative and captivating content floating? We’ll be brainstorming this together.
✔ I’ll also show you how to infuse your social posts with specific “Calls to Action” that serve, build relationships and support your audiences.

“You really got me thinking about how I present myself out there. I find it super hard to analyze my online presence and see it from the outside. I’m just plugging away in my own little bubble. The two workshops gave me an easy way of doing just that, plus some actionable tasks on how to tweak it. ”

Maureen Clancy

“The advice was actionable and I liked the fact that you gave us a chance during the workshop to get started. With these live workshops, we usually make loads of notes but then never actually get around to it. With this workshop, I actually walked away with key actions done already.”

Alistair Gill

Workshop #2 Get Traction Now: A hands-on workshop on how to deliver exactly what your clients want + generate consistent income

(Value: $249 USD)

Part One: Offer Autopsy

Chances are, your offer is right on the edge of being brilliant. Part One is all about tipping the scales in your favour. This module will help you to:

✔ Get self-aware and look at your current offers with a critical eye
✔ Improve on what you’ve got by focusing on where your strengths lie (rather than offering what you think they want)
✔ Make hiring you an automatic, no-brainer outcome
✔ Take advantage of the years you have been in business to guide you in improving
✔ Become crystal clear on who you’ll work with (no exceptions and no compromises!)
✔ Set your language, website and online brand to bring in only these clients
✔ Become the most profitable person in the room

Part Two: Answering the, “What’s In It For Me?”

Let’s be honest. Online business is a two-way street. This module is built for some deep introspection, based on the changes you’ve made:

✔ Taking a step back and using a guided, essential set of questions to re-evaluate your online spaces

✔ Real-time, re-writing of bios, web content and service descriptions

✔ Learning how to guide clients to fulfill what YOU need, based on the customer service you’re giving them

Part Three: Networking in a New Way

This module is not for sleazy realtors and mortgage brokers:

✔ Create a smooth, “set-it-and-forget-it” process of client reviews
✔ Build a process to perform some much needed deep listening and check-ins on your industry
✔ Understand and forecast the direction of your growth, based on where your sphere of business is going

It was refreshing and original. I loved the thinking that lay behind it, the specific targeted questions the small, juicy actionable steps that helped us think outside the box and approach our strategy from a new angle. It’s one I’ll go back to again and again. There were many gems: Considering what clients are shedding, connecting consistently to prove that we’re showing up for them, taking a connection point and putting into copy. These workshops helped me to think from a different perspective and take actionable, non-sleazy steps to connect consistently, be of service, build my business, staying true to my values and generally striving to be a better person 🙂

Karen Kurzmeyer

Start the Get Paid series by taking action on the most profitable aspects of your business in less than 2 hours

The workshops run along at a steady pace, giving you time to commit the action you need to take right away. These essentials are what you’ll need to run through each and every time you’re ready to grow bigger.

Along with these strategy-focused, action-oriented sessions, you’ll also be able to gain clarity and insight from its structure that includes:

A Q&A section that addresses unique situations and common roadblocks that you’ve encountered before with detailed strategies on how to address them.

Specific case studies from entrepreneurs with live tear-downs for exactly what they’ve done that you should be putting into place.

Guided worksheets with prompts, essential questions and a timeless, tested process you can use for check-ins, reviews and re-positioning over and over again.

Getting lost and overwhelmed again is not an option. Wondering how to get something done is no more an excuse. Losing the thread of critical actions in “doing all the things” is not a part of your reality anymore.

And seriously, stop accepting clients “only for the money”.

Work only with your ideal clients and build a framework that keeps them coming your way without chasing them?

The moves you’ll make with me in the next 3 hours will help re-capture years of lacklustre, mediocre “progress” and transform your business into an entity that makes money consistently.

These actions will set you up for success. And they’re the answer to that desperate question you’ve been asking:

“What are they doing that I’m not?”

Freakin’ amazing! I’m so glad you just got to the point, and we did the work right then and there. No fluff. No filler. No flowery waffling around. I feel like it’s so rare for someone to just get to the fucking point these days and that’s one of my big pet peeves (in business and in my personal life). Thank you!!! I’m restarting my business after a 2-year hiatus (health stuff that needed my full attention), and was feeling a little lost about where to focus my energy (I’m not at 100% yet so my energy is super precious to me right now). This was incredibly helpful. I love love love that I walked away with tangible things I can do, and they’re not just cookie cutter, but things that are tailored to me specifically.

Claudia Olivié

Burn Those Damn Khaki Pants and Close the Cycle of “Blah” Business You’ve Been Doing

“Blah” business happens when you’re running around, trying to cobble together all the different “shoulds” out there, rather than focusing and spending focused time only doing what matters most.

Newsflash, darlin: this is not “business as usual.” This is “business done by you”.

The key is that I’ll be right there, with you, guiding you to stop, take action in the moment and then move on. I ask that you set aside three to four hours when you plan to go through each of these two workshops.

And FYI: none of the online entrepreneurs in this workshop are the alike. But the strategies are applicable across the board, to just about any online business model. 

Keep these two workshops like a back-pocket business builder

Zoom out, start thinking about how you present yourself online RIGHT NOW versus how you’d like to be presenting yourself online to attract your ideal clients.

Analyze your online presence and use built-in time during the workshops to execute on the most actionable items LIVE, then walk away with specific (and digestible) Next Steps.

Learn, lift and swipe from those already doing it right: After zooming out to view the strategies that profitable and productive digital entrepreneurs are already using, we zoom in to all the nitty-gritty details you can tweak to get back in the driver’s seat and charge what you’re worth.

With the Get Paid series of workshops, you’ll have access to:

✅ Two, replay-ready workshops, each 90-minute session jam-packed with LIVE blocks that require you to put into action what you’re learning
✅ Downloadable worksheets that pose the most important questions, that you can refer to, fill-in along the way or make notes on so you can return to your progress at any time
✅ An in-depth sampling of a variety of businesses all employing the same strategies across websites and marketing efforts so that their actions are aligned with their goals
✅ Answers to the most pressing questions, roadblocks and snafus that have likely been bogging you down all this time

Here’s what you’ll have to bring to meet me halfway:

✅ Focused, distraction-free time
✅ A pen, paper and access to the backend of your websites and/or social media
✅ Your favourite “list making app” and a calendar to set your “to-do” takeaways in stone

There is so much good stuff here! I am using my notes from both sessions to improve my website copy, especially Home and About pages. I loved doing the exercises “live” in the time provided, and I really appreciate hearing your enthusiasm and passion for these topics. The most valuable part of the workshops is gaining momentum…in the moment! Doing this work NOW has got me excited about how I can communicate with my clients more clearly. I wrote a bunch of stuff and now I just need to get it all online.

Fiona Russell

Workshop participants are all different folks who share the same values:

  • We value building relationships with our clients,
  • We value simplifying our workdays to include ONLY one or two important things each day and,
  • We value getting to work consistently, every day.

That’s it. What about you? If you’re nodding along thinking, “Yasssss sister” then it’s time to get down to brass tacks.

Because this is literally all you need. The amount of momentum you stand to gain after these three hours will set you up for a week’s worth of energy, focus and drive.

And if you act on these, you’ll build another week’s worth. And another. And then another. And then a whole year of making consistently more money with clients you love.

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