The book for anyone fundamentally incompatible with the 9-to-5.

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“Heather’s book is a lighthouse for anyone who is done living on others’ terms and ready to actually work towards getting what they truly want.”

– Paul Jarvis ~ Author, Company of One :: Canada

This book is for you if…

You’re not just bored, or annoyed, or sick of the 9-to-5. You’re fundamentally incompatible with it.

You’re ferociously independent, and relentlessly require autonomy and freedom in your life. Subsuming yourself to people’s agendas doesn’t work for you.

You’re ambitious, organized, visionary, and ready to take all the tools available to make work that matters. You know that the only person who can create a big enough sandbox for you to play in is you.

You love to work, get antsy when you’re idle, and want to have a bunch of things on the go at once. You have a tendency to take on all the things, because you often can do them — but you need to learn how to best direct your energy.

You want to be judged by the quality of your work, not your ability to play corporate politics, and you want to be valued for your brain, not your output. 

You’re absolutely on fire to bring your greatest work to the world, and just want to know the very best way to deliver that work. You know there’s No Plan B. 


“If you know you want to go for something bigger, but you also don’t feel like you’re “cut out” for the life of an entrepreneur, Heather Thorkelson is your new salty best friend. She’ll give you the straight dope about how you become the kind of person who calls their own shots and does something epic in this world. Less “self-help” and more “real talk from a friend,” this is the book you need if you’re serious about levelling up.”

Sonia Simone
~ Co-Founder of Copyblogger

What’s inside

Robust sections


In No Plan B, I walk you through all of the fundamentals that other business books skip over. I’m not here to teach you how to get 1000 new subscribers by Friday, or how to jam “prospects” into your sales funnel. I’m here to help you unindoctrinate yourself from status quo thinking and build the foundations for doing fucking great work.

I loved this book and found it very REFRESHING. There are so many plain, blueprint-y, uninteresting and talkative books on business and entrepreneurship that make me feel that I have to be someone else to succeed and that there is no room for mistakes, integrity and bold ideas. Heather’s book takes us on a journey of self discovery where we learn how to become the entrepreneur we really are deep inside.

Torill Bye Wilhelmsen

Founder of Fjellflyt + Slow Business Adventure :: Vågå, Norway

About the author

Heather Thorkelson is a Canadian dual business owner based in Sweden. She’s spent the majority of her life living abroad since her family moved to Costa Rica when she was 14, which gave her a wanderlust that lasts to this day. After working in corporate throughout her 20’s, Heather took the leap into entrepreneurship.

She’s been a business consultant for incurable entrepreneurs since 2011, helping hundreds of small business owners grow livelihoods that honour their strengths and feed their bank accounts in equal measure. At the same time, she feeds her own entrepreneurial drive through consulting for various values-based companies supporting them through the necessary growing pains of becoming best-in-class.  She’s excited to share her expertise and experience to support a new wave of values-based entrepreneurs with her first book, No Plan B.

“We don’t need more burned out workers, we need more inspired, creative changemakers. My book walks people through the ways they need to personally develop to make their biggest business dreams a reality.”

Heather Thorkelson

…this is SUCH an important antidote to all the get-rich-quick-if-you-follow-my-recipe books out there.

Solveig Petch

Graphic Designer + Brand Identity Maven :: UK/Norway

No Plan B was such an easy and enjoyable read. Like sitting down and having a conversation with someone that has a really quirky and fun and relatable sense of humour, that is on my side, that has a decade of experience, and that wants to give me some tough love to succeed.

Audrey Holst

Burnout Wrangler at Fortitude + Flow :: Massachusetts, USA

I want the first chapter in my hot little hands

Get a first peek at what at least one person has called, “…a life-changer for quite a few entrepreneurs or people who want to get out of the 9-to-5.”

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Your book is beautifully written not only for the entrepreneur who has been in business for a couple of years, but also for someone like me who is just starting out — or, also like me, someone who has tried this once before and failed (after reading your book, I can see where I went wrong).


This book is perfect for someone who has experienced life a bit, who knows that they want something different, something more, than what their life currently holds — this isn’t only about work-life; it’s about creating a *whole* life. I see this person as someone who has, at least, a bit of an adventurous spirit — they are seekers, not followers. They may or may not have been in a management position, but they have excelled in some way in their current field — the are ambitious and strive for excellence.
Kelly Gill

Equality Advocate, Speaker, Writer, + Coach :: Missouri, USA

I wanted to say how much I really love your book. I’ve really been INSIDE the text, and I just love your voice and the examples you share — from both your life and other businesses.

I tend not to think of myself as an entrepreneur (which might be a semantic argument I have with myself because I’ve worked for myself for 20+ years lol), but the parts about really figuring out who you are, what you have to offer, etc are hugely resonant with stages of growth I’ve gone through — and that’s been personal growth that’s impacted my work in a big way.

You really lay out what I’ve discovered — that the more I am true to myself, the better my work and work relationships go. So opposite of what I believed/how I acted when I was younger!

Sutton Long

Award-winning Publication Designer :: San Francisco, USA

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