HEY, that’s me >>

LIfe coach + location independent BUSINESS STRATEGIST


{I look like someone you could throw back a craft beer with, right?}

Listen, 20 years ago I was 20. 

I always say that to my husband whenever he worries about me driving at night or walking on icy pathways. In other words, I’ve been adulting for a long-ass time.

Aside from making me qualified (beyond my CPCC designation) to be an actual life coach, during those years I’ve also turned my hand at being an employee doing all kinds of work – all over the world – eventually coming to the firm conclusion that:

I’m not built for the 9 to 5.

Heck, I’m not even built for one line of work. (Hence me running two companies!)

I bet you’re here because you value variety too.

Because you don’t want to stuff your multipassionate interests into a “maybe later” bin from IKEA when you can just create the environment you need to pursue all the things you love.

I get it.

Because having creative control over what you dohow you work, and how much you want to earn is critical to your ability to do work that mattersBecause you want to look back ten years from now and see that you didn’t fuck around….you created an extraordinary life for yourself.  You took the ordinary…and made it extraordinary.


And you’re in good company.

I’m here to help you get maximum output for thoughtful input, so that you don’t waste another day on things that won’t massively awesomize your business, and by extension, your life. Cool?



For starters, I’ve been running a successful online coaching + consulting business since 2011 AND I run a polar expedition company (which involves lots of capital, the hiring of entire ships, staffing, and a lot of holy-shit-hope-this-works), so I have a crap-tonne of expertise in both the digital and real world.

I’ve got over half a decade of business coaching experience and the successful clients to prove it (check out my Happy Clients for the proof).

I’ve been a key consultant in building the company culture and outstanding customer service best practices for one of the fastest-growing Antarctic expedition companies out there, (not the one I own, another one) over the past 4 years.

I’ve also worked all over the world prior to starting my own company in various capacities – everything from managing 15 staff as the English Director in a private school in the Mexican desert, to building an entire social media platform for an amazing HIV non-profit in South Africa, to guiding old rich cowboys through an online auctioning process where they could buy a $3 million dollar crane in Dubai for their business. Whut? Weird. I know.

I’m also a certified life coach through CTI and a graduate of Seth Godin’s altMBA program. In other words, business smarts and coaching skills are my jam.

other bits you’ll need to know:


I don’t sugarcoat things. I’m direct, honest and committed to helping you not waste time.

And I don’t believe in formulas.

I believe in the relationship economy and connection marketing.

I believe in boundaries. Lots of them. Healthy boundaries.

I believe in inclusivity and justice.

I believe that being of service is the way to have both a fulfilling life and a healthy bank balance.

And I believe in kindness. Kindness is everything. {And swearing. Swearing as creative outlet.}

Sound about right?