I believe that being of service is the way to have both
a fulfilling life and a healthy bank balance


in other words, You
don’t have to be a douchebag to be successful


As a consultant I support both digital and brick-and-mortar businesses who want to be both profitable and sustainable without selling their soul or doing things that feel sleazy.

I also work with folks who have spent most of their career in the corporate world and are more than ready to leverage their amazing skill set to do something different. I love a good reinvention. I went through my own in 2010 and have never looked back.


what kind of humans DO I support best?

Business owners who are self-motivated + don’t suffer fools. You’re a fireball of shipping your work, you just need help with staying on target and not taking on too much just because you can.

Business owners who know they’re different. You aren’t afraid to own what makes you unique in your niche.

Business owners who live an international life. Maybe you’re an expat or a third culture kid. Whatever the case, your worldview (and your work) isn’t limited to geographical borders.

Business owners who believe in people before profit, but also know that a ‘people first’ approach IS the way to sustainable profit.

Business owners who, even though introverted* (like me) are ready for those podcast/conference speaking invites to be rolling in.

Business owners who, like me, have got No Plan B. You’re an incurable entrepreneur and just want to, well…entrepreneur better. There’s no going back into the Matrix.

*I work with any kind of -vert. Introverts, extroverts, introverted extroverts…whatever! My point is that we all have a place at the proverbial table.

And me? This is my jam.


I help you find the hidden opportunities and revenue in your business as it currently stands, without implementing any dude-bro marketing tactics that make you want to throw yourself into omgomgomg onion rutor a bonfire afterward.

My approach is that there’s no reason to stay stuck in the ‘busy work’ or indecision when we can instead make the business work for you.

We’ll work together to plan for the long game, implementing strategies that make sense for you, for your lifestyle, and for your headspace.


My Street Cred

Prior to starting my first company, I worked all over the world in various capacities. Without a Plan B I left for Mexico at 23 to manage 15 staff as the English Director in a private school in the Mexican desert, then later to South Africa to building an entire social media platform for an amazing HIV non-profit, and from Vancouver (this one’s even more random) I guided old rich cowboys through an online auctioning process where they could buy a $3 million dollar crane in Dubai for their business.

Whut? Weird. I know.

I was also a sales rep for a drug company for 7 long years (thank baby jesus I could work from a home office).

Basically, I said yes to anything that would improve my skill set, build my courage and confidence, and give me the financial security I needed to keep building the life I wanted. And this wide array of experience is exactly what I bring to my work today.

Aside from my personal coaching and strategy business, I’ve been a key consultant in building outstanding customer service best practices for one of the fastest-growing Antarctic expedition companies out there.

Oh yeah, I’m also a certified life coach through CTI and a graduate of Seth Godin’s altMBA program. In other words, business smarts and coaching skills are my jam.

Wanna know if I’m worth my salt? Check out my Happy Clients for the results.

other bits you’ll need to know:

I don’t sugarcoat things. I’m direct, honest and committed to helping you not waste time.

I’m not a hand-holder. My clients are self-driven and take responsibility for their shit.

And I don’t believe in formulas.

I believe in the relationship economy and connection marketing.

I believe in dogs, cheese, and foraging in the forest.

I believe in boundaries. Lots of them. Healthy boundaries.

I believe in inclusivity and a humans-first approach.

I believe that being of service is the way to have both a fulfilling life and a healthy bank balance.

And I believe in kindness. Kindness is everything. {And swearing. Swearing as creative outlet.}

Sound about right?

"Where did this No Plan B come from?"

No Plan B was born because after my parents divorced when I was 10. At that time I was banned from seeing my mom and all of our extended family, was moved to Central America by my father where I lived alone much of the time (he was away for weeks at a time), and a journey of extreme self-reliance began.

From that age forward, I had no real safety net.

No Plan B existed for me if I didn’t just do what needed to be done to get through to tomorrow.


BUT my upbringing gave me my superpowers:

resilience, courage, curiosity, and drive. 

Lemme tell ya, when you live at the whims of other people’s (bad) choices for so long and have to just shut up and accept it, it gets tired real quick. I used to daydream when I was a teen about growing up JUST so that I could make my own decisions about my life.

So when I entered the working world, it just felt like another type of cage. Fill in this spreadsheet, jump through that arbitrary hoop, kiss this person’s ass. Ugh. I wanted none of it. I wanted self-determination more than anything. I wanted to call the shots. ALL OF THEM. 

But I still had to get on my feet financially so in my 20’s I worked in various jobs and companies, on numerous continents, until I finally hit my limit and in 2011 began working for myself as a location-independent coach and business consultant.

Because quite frankly, I’m not built for the 9 to 5. 

Heck, I’m not even built for one line of work. (Hence me running two companies)


you’re not built for it either.

Which is why you’re doing your own thing and actively creating the environment you need to pursue all the things you love.

I get it.

Because having creative control over what you dohow you work, and how much you want to earn is critical to your ability to do work that matters

Because you want to look back ten years from now and see that you didn’t faff around….you created an extraordinary life for yourself.

You took the ordinary…and made it extraordinary.

friend, I’m glad you found your way here.

My speciality is helping you get maximum output for thoughtful input so that you don’t waste another day on things that won’t massively awesomize your business, and by extension, your life. Cool?

Truth is, we don’t have any time to lose.

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