Hey, I’m Heather.

I’m a Canadian dual business owner living in rural Sweden.

I run a business consulting practice that helps small-to-medium business owners grow their bottom line without adding busy-work. 

I also run a bespoke polar expedition company that takes discerning travellers on once-in-a-lifetime expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic.

But more than anything, I’m an incurable entrepreneur.

The truth is that for people like us, there IS NO plan B.

For people like us, there is no option of defaulting back to a j.o.b.

For people like us, your work is an extension of who you are. 

So…now that we’re clear that the only way is forward, ready to hit that income target? Hire some people? Write that book? Grow your client roster? Become the next person to reach the South Pole on skis?

Good, because this is my jam.

WARNING: My consulting services are not compatible with anyone who wants to build a ‘lifestyle empowerment brand’, nor who want to jam customer prospects into their sales funnel and collect cash on the other end, nor who believe that manifesting is a business strategy.