Leah KalamakisI can’t really put into words how much you helped me in the very stressful start-up stage of my business.

Having never worked with a coach before, I was really unsure of whether or not someone else could really get the madness that was going on in my head, let alone give me the right steps to take care of it. I can’t believe I waited as long as I did to hire you because it is one of the best investments I have made yet in my business.

I can only describe the feeling after each of our calls as clarity.  Anyone just starting out on their entrepreneurial journey knows how unclear all the thoughts, ideas, and actions steps can become. You saw my issues immediately, gave me the action steps and accountability to get them taken care of and took a huge stress off my back.

I tend to make my stresses more complicated than they are- thinking of the big picture and not being able to see the details. Your simple recommendations about processes & systems completely changed all my client interactions. I wouldn’t have seen that on my own and would have wasted a lot of time and energy without them. With your help in defining this, I now spend less time with back & forth emails, draw in more of my ideal clients, who now show up ready & excited to work with the “new me” and I have created space in my mind and time(!) to work on my other passion project.

Your wisdom, accountability & genius ideas are so worth every penny and more and I hope other people are smarter than me and invest in coaching with you without waiting as long as I did. I can’t wait to take a trip to Lima and do a Real Time session. Because not only are you a great coach, but you’re simply fun – and who doesn’t want that in their biz life!

~ Leak Kalamakis, Web designer/Freelance to Freedom maven :: Biarritz, France

Janelle Hanchett

I can’t even…

You’re amazing. I can’t believe you’ve just helped me like this, outta the blue. Thank you for carving a path for me. Helping me see shit. You really are fucking awesome and I am elated we’ve crossed paths.

Jesus. What luck.

I feel empowered and alive.

~ Janelle Hanchett, Writer and Renegade Mother :: California, USA



Morgan Haines

Heather is a realist with an incredible sense of humor and a great perspective having traveled the world and experienced many cultures. She is introspective and tries to see situations from all sides, while helping you get out of your own way. She’s been the voice of reason which I haven’t been able to give myself, being too close to the situation to see things objectively. I’d like to put her in my pocket and keep her all to myself for ever and ever and ever. And ever.

~ Morgan Haines, Graphic Designer


Sally Tudhope

First, I absolutely adored working with you, and I would count it a total privilege (and utter pleasure) to work with you again, when my business has grown up a bit.

I would recommend begging to work with you, personally, to anyone who was already running their business, and had the annoying detail bit out of the way, and wanted some brilliant insight, strategy, mind/business-expansion, have-you-tried-this-approach goodness. Because to me, that’s where I see your superpower. That’s why I so want to work with you a little further down the track.

~ Sally Tudhope, Web Designer


Janine Duff

Before I hired Heather, I felt like I was literally drowning in 1-on-1 client work, wasting my time and energy with a half-ass client intake process, and desperately trying to pull all my business ideas that had gone adrift into one clear action plan. Seriously…I needed a lifebuoy! My friend recommended I connect with Heather, and as soon as I stumbled onto her website—drunk on stress—I felt a wave of relief. Since working with Heather, I’ve created a ridiculously simple and seamless intake process that has taken a hippo-sized weight off me and freed up my time for growing my business. (My clients are now calling me a smooth operator. How ‘bout that?) After every call, Heather’s bolts of brilliance left me with new-found inspiration and pages of plans for alternative streams of income—everything I needed to get out of my trading time for money rut. Not only is Heather an idea generation factory, but she’s crazy cool (and fun to plot with). And when I inevitably started slacking a bit? She’d plunge into my inbox with a swift motivational ass-kick. Love this girl. I feel supported now…like I’m not alone in the land of entrepreneurship…and like I’m finally following the yellow brick road that leads to freedom.

~ Janine Duff, Copywriter


Torso only with needle in handIf you’re on the fence about whether you should work with Heather or not, run and jump over that fence knowing that you are damn lucky to even be offered the opportunity to work with her!

She’s pure genius and all heart. Not to mention that your cool factor will triple by mere association with her.  After coming across Heather’s site awhile back I just knew I HAD to work with her. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly why, she just seemed to know the magic secret between meshing business and an authentic life.  She emanates it. And I had to know her secret.

During our half day business session, she went above and beyond.  She gave me her undivided attention, unleashed her genius and infused my business with it.  She even weathered an earthquake during our session and seemed more concerned about it disrupting us than anything else.

I feel like it was a metaphor for the tour de force that our session was.  

To be more specific, she gave me amazing ideas unique to my business, noted all the areas I needed to work on, came up with totally doable solutions, provided incredible resources and referrals, inspired me, and helped me map out how I can realistically implement everything.  I’m still riding the high and more excited and confident about my business than I’ve ever been.  I also feel more supported than ever, which makes a HUGE difference in navigating the path a solo entrepreneur. I don’t only hope that my business will rock.  I now KNOW it will.

Seriously…THANK YOU, Heather!  You have superpowers!

~ Heidi Brockmyre, Freedom-loving Acupuncturist & Fertility Specialist :: San Deigo, USA

Alistair Gill testimonial

Working with you has been hands down THE best decision I have made in helping me progress along my path to freedom!

I’ve known now for the best part of 3 years that my heart is not in what I’m doing.  I’m not happy because I’m not free.  I feel trapped and don’t know where to turn.  I’ve tried numerous books.  I have a back catalogue of e-books and information products, some of which are unread.  I’ve even signed up for membership to forums and premium courses.  Although some were interesting and vaguely helpful, others were a complete waste of money.

Then I tried coaching!  This has been the only thing I have tried that has delivered on all of its promises.  In fact I would say you over-delivered!  I took more away from our sessions than I bargained for – finding myself applying new thought processes to other problems and areas of my life.

One of the first things that you asked me was what I wanted to get out of the coaching relationship.  I told you I wanted an actionable business concept to work on.  One of the last things you said to me was “there you go”.

I am quite frankly amazed at how much progress we made in 3 short coaching sessions.  More than I made alone in 3 years! That is down to you! So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You were always there to call me out on any bullshit I was feeding myself.  You explained new concepts in ways that made sense to me.  You helped me identify what my core values are.  You took the time to understand what makes me who I am.  You gave exactly the right homework to ensure I made progress without being overwhelmed.  You made it fun!  You showed me how I am going to market my business and bring in customers.  You made me realize that I can start with a smaller business and grow – this made it feel so much more real and achievable to me.  You were always on the other end of an email with a thoughtful response. You always teased out the little ideas that weren’t willing to come out on their own.  Finally, you gave me a glimpse of my future self that has motivated me so much.  You had the belief in me that I can get there – now I KNOW that I will!!!

I would unreservedly recommend working with a coach LIKE YOU!  I also truly hope that some time soon we’ll be working together again. With my greatest thanks and best wishes for your continued success.

~ Alistair Gill, SEO expert and web designer :: Wolverhampton, UK

Rebecca M

My decision to work with Heather was not a difficult one. I saw a recommendation from the lovely Leah Kalamakis and knew in a split second that Heather was exactly what I was looking for. On the big decisions (in life and business) I go with my gut and it definitely didn’t let me down this time.

I was in the process of launching my business but after a difficult few months I was struggling to pull everything together and was facing all kinds of internal resistance. I knew what I needed to do but I was overwhelmed and I knew I couldn’t do it all alone.

Enter Heather Thorkelson.

Up until that point everything I was planning was stored in my head, and I started to feel like there was no room left to think clearly. Working with Heather was such a relief as she gave me the opportunity to offload it all safe in the knowledge that she understood me completely. I knew that would be the case as we share the same view of the world (absolutely crucial when you’re looking for a coach).

Heather helped me to get out of my own way (I really was causing myself a mischief) and together we developed a clear and focused plan to get my business out of my head and into the world. The accountability and cheerleading she provided was exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it. I say she’s my business Fairy Godmother (with an added whip, because I will warn you, she takes no prisoners).

The result? I launched. And I love the business I’m building. And I know I wouldn’t be in this position right now without Heather’s help. I only wish I’d found her sooner!

So yes, I am a fully paid up member of The Heather Thorkelson Appreciation Society. And I’m in some very good company. So if you are an entrepreneur in need of some of Heather’s special brand of awesomeness (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?) I suggest you,join us quick smart. You’ll get a free badge and a pen. Ok, that’s a lie. But I am definitely telling the truth when I say this: you will not regret it.

~ Rebecca Merrfield, location-independent entrepreneur at The Marketing Movement :: UK and the world


DarwinInvaluable, essential, and game-changing!

I decided to work with Heather after a lot of internal hemming and hawing over whether I should work with a coach. I thought I could do it all by myself. I thought that I should just save my money in the spirit of bootstrapping and just tighten my belt to make it happen. And I thought that I knew what my business was about and that all I needed to do was “build it and they will come.”

Oh, the lessons I’ve learned…

I found myself going back to Heather’s website over and over again. Something kept bringing me back to her. I soon realized she is the real deal. She had created a successful coaching practice and was location independent. Exactly what I wanted! And her words clearly showed that she was passionate about what she does…helping others do the same.

Doing the 6-week Catalyst Sessions was the best decision I could have made. And I am grateful that I did it sooner rather than later. Heather has taught me things that I hadn’t even considered regarding not just how to build a business (or improve your existing one)…but to make it a business that will inspire you and allow you to thrive! And her coaching is not all business either. It’s rooted in really identifying who you are and what you’re here to do. And more importantly, who you’re here to serve.

I highly recommend Heather’s coaching to anyone who has even an inkling that they might need some help in getting their business jumpstarted or rebooted. I walked away with a clear understanding of what I wanted to create and a solid plan of how to go about making it happen. She’s an incredible resource, an inspiration, and will tell it like it is…and always with a smile!

~ Darwin Ruiz, Holistic Health Coach :: San Francisco


Anna Long

I adore Heather! She is a creative magician. I came to her with a clear idea about my biz and strengths, but needed help making sure that my message (copy) matched my intentions. Heather was able to pinpoint exactly what was missing and was great at providing support to make sure that the changes I made were on target. Heather gives 120% and is now my go-to biz girl when I make updates and need insight!

Anna Long, Electric Biz Strategist at SheRadiant.com :: Portland, OR




I got a lot more from my time with you than I had expected…

…mostly in the form of “moral support” and a real, concrete conviction that my desires and aspirations are not all airy-fairy and too-far-out-there to ever manifest.  Not only were you totally supportive and convincing of the potential for me creating a viable future for myself (as a location independent ‘entrepreneur’), but you were consistently able to offer examples and to connect me with other people succeeding at the very same thing, which has created an amazing foundation on which I can now build.  I find that as resistance and doubt slowly creep in, I can look at some of the websites that you pointed out to me, and from there I find link after link of people making their own way in the world, which totally arms me with the conviction of “if they can, so CAN I!” (or crazy just loves company).

What I especially related to, was your gift for keeping business friendly.  

As a person who gets bogged down by details and tunes out the formulaic, I often zone out when things get too ‘techy’ or serious; you have a very special knack for making everything feel like a casual conversation over lunch; inspiring without making a grand speech, making an acton plan without having to make spread sheets and flow charts … you get what i mean..  You make business happen without having to sell out to the rules of business and it’s prosaic language.  It’s incredibly effective for people like myself.

Um… what else?  I expected less inspiration and affirmation that I could make whatever I want to happen, happen, and more of a no-nonsense, settle down and pick something (already!) kind of thing from the session, so as I have said, your support and faith in who I am and in my forging a path that suits me, was worth every penny in and of itself.  The little extra touches, (follow-up email, book in the mail), really made the experience something to talk about, and completely set you apart from anyone that I have heard of offering similar coaching services.

~ Lesley Fleming, ship captain, yogini, writer, and insatiable wanderluster

Sophie F

It’s been SO awesome and I am extremely inspired by all your great ideas, and your way of uncovering endless possibilities that I didn’t even think about. Also being very clear about where you see my force has helped a lot.

I think the half day was great for kickstarting the process and I had never ever thought we could have come so far in the development of my business in only 4 (5’ish) hours. I was completely exhausted after the session, but in a good way, and I can’t wait to get started implementing all the awesome steps. You have helped me see the next steps very clearly and I am SO grateful and are looking forward to future cooperation. Coaching rocks! xxx

~ Sophie Ferdinandsen, scandi-latino writer & creative visionary at FashPackSocialClub.com :: rural Denmark

Lynn C

Heather is the real deal. After only a few sessions, she knew exactly what was tripping me up and how to help me get past those blocks. She is the pirate queen of calling out resistance and telling it where to go.  For years I’ve been dreaming about having my own business but made very little progress. In a very short period of time, with Heather’s guidance and motivation, I have accomplished more than I have in all those dreaming years.  She is a no bullshit, fun, smart and crazily interesting woman and I am super grateful to have her as my action instigator.

~ Lynn Crymble, Sense & Sensuality Sage at ComeToYourSenses.ca :: Toronto, ON


Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 8.50.28 PMYou know what’s amazing?  I mean aside from the awesomeness that is Heather Thorkelson…  You are redefining your business on the fly – as you deliver the goods.  No going back into the lab, behind the curtain and coming out with the new you, the new product.  I thought, hmm, that’s pretty cool. Then I realized it’s because it’s still you. That hasn’t changed.

Tenacious and kind, envisioned for our humanity; Heather.

Finally, something completely unrelated, that I realized today, that I just wanted you to know – is that I’ve never looked for some other person to work with, or made comparisons. There IS no comparison. You are totally unique and I’m usually amazed that we’re working together.  What a great alignment.

~ Billy Landahl – Owner & Full-time operator of Oak City Coffee Roasters :: Raleigh, NC


Mike VallanoI was feeling quite aimless before I started working with you. I had a lot of different ideas but no real direction. My mind was filled with questions like what should I prioritize? Where should I start? And how should I start?

Then I talked with you and everything became clear. I had a plan. I had time allotted to work things out. And through that, I was able to be totally focused on what needed to be done, got super clear on *why* I’m doing what I’m doing, and got tons of momentum where there previously been frustrating stagnation.

Your approach and personality worked perfectly for me. Having worked with lots of new entrepreneurs, you know what sort of issues people run into, and you know how to proactively address those issues. You’re super motivating and encouraging and your energy is contagious.

I would absolutely recommend any entrepreneur work with a coach. I think it’s immensely helpful to get an outside, objective look at what you’re doing and to get insightful input.

Thanks so much for all of your help.

~ Mike Vallano, location independent social entrepreneur in Central America

Corinne K

When I first approached Heather to get clear on my business, I was a little lost. I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do but no clear direction on how exactly to go about it. I was also filled with doubts that I could indeed pursue business in my own way. Well, she swooped in and lived true to her name as a bull shit slayer. She established a huge level of trust from the get-go that allowed me to fully and honestly throw myself into the process.

I am now super clear on my business, my direction and how I can work in a way that truly benefits my clients and myself because I worked with Heather. I would whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone looking to establish a business that fits their life on their own terms. She provided the support and motivation that I needed to pursue a life and business that I love.

~ Corinne Korytkowski, Personal Branding Expert and Possibility Junkie :: Toronto, Canada


Marthe HagenHeather helped me realize that there are alternative and much more fun ways to run my business. After talking with Heather, I went off the call with a notebook full of ideas, resources and plans. Heather’s fun and passionate nature makes everything sound easy and do-able. After talking with Heather, I have realized that I things often turn out to be even easier than I expected!

~ Marthe Hagen ~ Prolific Blogger & Freedom Coach :: Oslo, Norway and around the world



Just a quick note to say…. I am loving my business SO much, I probably have too much on my plate but it feels great!  Every time I switch tracks, I like that part too! I’m only frustrated that there aren’t more of me, ha!  How egoic!  I had no idea a few months ago when we first started working together that I would be here. Or did I?  And this thing about power of attraction, man o man, how much easier life is when you are in the flow, doing what you’re supposed to be doing. It’s still shocking in a way it took me this long to really arrive in knowing I will never do anything else. Except of course take long vacations!  Haha.  Thanks sister!!

~ Emily Shaw – PanaceaPeru.com :: Lima, Peru and Brighton, UK


Style Series July 10 2009Heather is like having a business BFF at your side every step of the way. Gone are the days where you’re having to go it alone. You can feel her leaning in as she listens to you. Heather cares like no other about every person she serves. She creates amazing services and programs that are born out of her genuine desire to serve. She’s a generous, kind and adventurous soul. She’s got that awesome infectious energy that makes her an absolute pleasure to be around. A simple conversation with her is enough to ease your troubles and lift your spirits.

~ Alishia Sala – Aradia Fitness :: Toronto, ON


I want YOU to know that you made the most profound impact on my life and I was able to see the connection between who I am and how I can bring that to the table to make a difference in the world in my own special way. Thank you for being courageous enough to do what you love so that people like me can wake up feeling inspired to do the same.

~ Erin Dunn, medal-winning triathlete, former army nurse & new entrepreneur based in Spain


Being able to bounce my ideas off an objective third party changed things for me a lot. Just having to summarize the issues in the initial email helped to bring clarity. But the poignant questions and practical suggestions that you offered really helped to clear any doubt about what the future direction of my business should be.  After the session I felt really positive. I immediately got stuck into some important work I have been putting off for aaaaages, cause I felt totally inspired to starting moving my business forward.

~ Emma Power – multi-passionate entrepreneur :: Darwin, Australia

Andrea P.

Before I met Heather, I spent a year and a half feeling like I was only pretending to run a personal training business. I was a personal trainer with a few clients, I even had my own studio, but my income was barely a quarter of what I was spending and I had no idea how to get clients.

I had so many ideas for projects and programs I wanted to run but I would always self-sabotage quickly after I got started with planning. I was dreaming big, fantasizing on how amazing my future business would be, but quickly get nowhere.

My very first session with Heather changed everything for me. I had an entire new view of my business. I now saw my business as my job and I started feeling like my own boss. Heather taught me how to delegate tasks to myself in bite-sized pieces with specific deadlines. I was amazed at how quickly I turned myself around completing tasks that I had been putting off for months in a matter of days. I knew how fulfilling running a business was going to be, but I was never actually taking any steps in that direction. I kept telling myself that it would get better and that I was still learning, but the fact was that I was learning slowly.  So slowly that I was getting farther and farther in debt.

I realized how afraid I had been to take any steps in a real direction and this was really hindering my success. I found having someone that I had to be accountable to so motivating; I stopped questioning what I should’ve been doing and just started taking action.

I realized in the first 2 weeks of working with Heather that I would always have a business coach. Without Heather I would still be struggling to make ends meet, rather than living out my dream job. My life has become so much better with her guidance.

My session with Heather is the most valuable hour of my week. It is the time where I strategize and plan the execution of whatever I must get done that week. Heather is so sharp when it comes to strategy. Her input and support have always steered me in the right direction. The best part is that our sessions are really fun. Heather has such a great sense of humour and sparkle to her personality that we always finish on a high note and I feel super inspired to get down to business.

I can’t imagine what my business (and life) would be without Heather. She really pulled me out of a rut that I couldn’t kick myself out of.  If you’re struggling with the idea of getting a coach…don’t hesitate any longer. It is incredibly worth it.

~ Andrea Palen, Passionate Pilates Heroine & Community Wellness builder :: Toronto, ON

Heather is like an angel sent from heaven. She was exactly what I needed when I needed it. Working with her has not only been seamless, it has shown me a more authentic and fun way of doing business. I am forever grateful for her and her presence in my life. If you are on the fence about coaching or using her… my personal suggestion – Do it!

~ Jordana Adler, Relationship Communication specialist :: North Carolina


Heather is the definition of a coach. After a session with her, I feel that I have been supported, pushed, inspired, listened to, and critiqued constructively — all in the space of one conversation. Her follow-up further expands on my self-learning and she always finds the time, patience and space to truly hear me and help me whittle my many thoughts down into a core vision and concrete actions by which to get to that vision. I am grateful for Heather’s honesty and her fearless, positive attitude.

~ Heather Heagney, Blogger, Food Savourer, & Multimedia Storyteller Extraordinaire at After the Harvest :: Ottawa, ON


Emily S

Dialoguing with Heather is a rich process only for those who really want to get their change on. Heather brings a fullness – the yin and the yang – to a session; she is both empathetic and rigorous in examining how to make choices that better reflect who you want to be. She will be both your springboard and your net; I have found the time I have spent talking with Heather valuable beyond what she is currently charging. So, if – and only if – you are ready to change your life, I would thoroughly encourage you to hire her.

~ Emily Silbert, professional Inspiration Stoker & Renegade Writer at Rare Bird Coaching & Creative :: Hamilton, ON



Szos St. Germain

I love Heather! I want to work with someone that inspires me, not bullies me. Heather gives it to you straight – the truth isn’t sugar coated, but here’s the big deal – she really cares. You feel that caring as the client, so the hard truth becomes an opportunity, not an obstacle. This isn’t a job for Heather, this is an extension of who she is in her core. This is how she makes a difference on the planet. Heather is a force of nature willing to help those that are ready to live their best life.

~ Szos St Germain, Mondo Love Expert & Fulfillment Coach at Blossom Into Self :: Toronto, ON



Heather is wonderful! Her positivity and enthusiasm are genuine and she is a true joy to work with. She is gifted at identifying critical concepts and getting to the heart of the matter. She worked closely with me to develop these new insights. I am grateful for her direction and support!

~ Dr Annie Salsberg, Naturopathic Doctor & Tea Maven at Benoosh Tea :: Toronto, ON



Working with Heather for only a short time has completely obliterated barriers in my life that had kept me stuck, frustrated and in a state of inaction. If I had to list some top transformational results achieved through working with Heather, it would be:

1. Shifting my life vision completely towards something that motivates me & has me excited to move forward, meeting challenges with confidence and being at peace in the face of uncertainty.
2. Understanding myself truly; how I am best energized, my core beliefs, strengths, causes for stagnation, and being able to do something about it with core-based true-to-myself enthusiasm!
3. Opening myself up to unlimited possibility, seeing beauty when I recognize my dreams are truly possible; followed by how working towards these dreams has become second nature in the process.  The Universal support is truly unbelievable, it kind of makes me laugh in hindsight.

What’s most amazing is how concisely and swiftly Heather is able to pin-point the heart of issues that commonly disguise themselves in extended life circumstances and creative stories I had bought into.  It simply makes sense to work with someone who can help you get and give what you want to in life. Heather is talented, gifted, and incredibly committed to YOU. What more can you ask for from someone who is willing to take a stand for your life being all that you dream it to be.  She’ll be your champion throughout and the experiential learning she brings to the relationship will serve as gifts throughout your life, time and time again.  Do yourself a great favour and work with Heather!

~ Vitra Gosine, Valuations Associate, KPMG :: Toronto, ON


Since I started working after university, I have always been able to achieve my goals and continuously stretch myself. I thoroughly enjoy my career, and I lead a comfortable and stimulating life. So why do I need a coach?

First, Heather’s diverse life experience made her the perfect person to bounce ideas off of. Second, Heather is a great listener and she always asks the right questions that challenge me to get to the root of my reasons.

I have been working formally with Heather for over a year, but in reality Heather has been my coach for the better part of the last two years. One aspect Heather has helped me realize is that I need to find, and dedicate, time to reflect no matter how busy I am. Reflect for me means having time with my thoughts, reviewing my past week – what did I accomplish – and planning my week/months ahead – what do I want to accomplish. As a result of Heather’s coaching, I have been more concious, and productive, with my time.

Moving forward, I have decided that I want to remain engaged with Heather and coaching because no matter how good things may appear to be at the present, the future can always be even brighter, and productive.

~ Michael F. ~ MBA Candidate – Barcelona, Spain


Group Coaching Feedback

(Month of Endless Possibility or MoEP)


Heather is an amazing motivator. She has a great, quietly confident style that isn’t pushy, but absolutely moves you forward with the things you want to do. She asks the right question to find out what is holding you back, what is dragging on your time. Once you know those things, you have the right direction to go to unload “not your Genius Work” and get on with all the things that light you up and give you energy! Loved Heather, loved Month of Endless Possibility!

~ Patty White – Surrender to Chance


MoEP was so valuable to me. I have a very hard time focusing on the task at hand and this was just what I needed to help me buckle down and get my project done!  Heather was amazing at helping me keep my head in the game and keeping me focused on what was important to my goals.  Sharing the experience with a group was better then I expected. I learned a lot from those who were farther along is the business game then I was. It was comforting and inspiring to know that they were once in my place. I was able to have a backstage view of what it took to get were they are now and imagine myself in their shoes.

~ Andrea Palen


Heather and her powerful MoEP help me everyday in the phase of building my new international website. I found help, motivation and lots of laughs, fun and “of course you can do it”. I would really, really recommend MoEP if you want to move forward quick with total clarity and the best coach right by your side. Heather you are fantastic!

~ Maj Wismann
– Denmark’s leading relationship expert at www.majwismann.com


Heather’s program helped me set & teach the goals I had been sitting on for a while. I enjoyed hearing others stories of their struggles & successes and how they were moving forward in their business. By talking things out with Heather & the group I got a better understanding of what was holding me back & gained strategies to help me move forward.

~ Brandi Doucet – Deep South Doula