Peru 2013





Looking for more adventure?  To get out of your normal routine? 

Feeling like writing can sometimes feel like a chore but it’s necessary to grow
your business and build your tribe?

Have you been secretly hoping for a group of like-minded entrepreneurs
who you can trust to confide in about your business? 

And feel like that of all the things you’ve been juggling, the most important one (your health!)
is the one you haven’t made enough time for?

Then the Peru 2013 Adventure Reboot Retreat was made for you, gorgeous.


You are ::

a female entrepreneur working towards a life of freedom (whatever that means to you) and find yourself in a place where you want to start pushing yourself and your boundaries a little more. You’re able to adapt to different situations and love trying new things but don’t get to do it as much as you’d like.  You’re torn between stretching your travel wings and honing your business chops, because truthfully you need a bit of both in order to really thrive.  This Adventure Retreat is your answer.


We are ::

a globe-trotting coach, a nomadic editor, and a hilarious yogini – and we’ve created an experience that is no ordinary retreat.


What you can expect ::

To walk away with far more confidence that you ever expected to achieve in 2013 – and it’s only April!

To discover that you can handle mini-meltdowns with grace and keep on keepin’ on.

To write with unbridled flow, bringing out the writer you always knew lived inside of you by going deep to fortify your fearlessness and solidify your writing voice.

To feel alive, rejuvenated, and healthy in body and mind by starting every morning stretching your limbs through yoga to the sound of Leela’s soft South African accent and end every evening with deep, rich conversations around the fire with 10 women that you wish you could make your new Board of Directors in biz and life.

To reboot your way out of old patterns of thinking and being – like clicking refresh on the browser of your life.

To eat well, sleep deeply, and feel as though time has stopped for a while under the full moon in the Sacred Valley.

What’s included ::      

5 nights and 6 days of personally crafted adventure with a thoughtfully curated group of female entrepreneurs designed to provide you with a support group that will last far beyond the end of the retreat.

All organized transport in and around the Sacred Valley including a personal pickup from the airport to bring you to the hotel upon your arrival in Cuzco.

A shared room to enjoy at a beautiful character-filled Peruvian boutique hotel in Cuzco and later at one of the most loved retreat centers in all of the Sacred Valley.

Delicious, healthy Peruvian style breakfasts and dinners by Gladys who runs the restaurant at the retreat center and whom everyone raves about, lunches in town at our favourite local eateries, and a final gourmet dinner in Cuzco at one of the city’s most popular dining spots to go out with a bang!

Daily writing and storytelling workshops in the valley and on the terraced hillsides of ancient ruins that will completely change everything about the way you put yourself out into the world, connect with your audience, and build your tribe.  

Small group morning yoga customized to your needs in a glass gazebo with a 360 degree view of the Sacred Valley designed so that you begin each day completely grounded and standing in your own power.

The un-tourist version of seeing the Sacred Valley of the Incas with multiple hikes into the ruins of Pisac and a hike into the nearby fortress of Ollantaytambo, as well as regular hang-outs in the local indigenous market.  Also included is your entrance permit to all of the protected ruins which we’ll arrange and pay for ahead of time to save you the hassle.

On-the-go coaching and business brainstorming sessions designed to harness the mind-body connection, allowing you to tap into fresh ideas and new ways of thinking that actually stick, thus having an immediate impact on your business.

Evening havans around the fire (see FAQ below) allowing you to reconnect to yourself at the end of each vibrant day through sound and meditation, setting your mind free for some of the deepest, most peaceful sleep you’ve ever experienced – all this under a full moon.

Casual sightseeing in the ancient city of Cuzco including a tour of the local markets with a resident expert on all of the superfoods and medicinal plants that Peru has to offer.


Where ::     Cusco (2 nights – beginning and end) + Pisac (3 nights) in the Sacred Valley of Peru

When ::     Tuesday, April 23rd  – Sunday April 28th 2013

Who ::          6 adventurers (+ us = 9) on a mission to level up our businesses + lives through a unique shared journey


Click HERE to apply & tell us why you absolutely must be on this trip!

 The application deadline has passed. But please feel free to submit an application to be put on the Wait List.

Still have questions?  Ask us anything by dropping an email to heather [at] and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

What happens next?

Step One:  If you’re interested, first fill out our application and tell us about your freedom-seeking self

Step Two:  If we think you’re a perfect fit for the program, I will email you within 48 hours with more information

Step Three:  Once you’re ready to make the commitment, I’ll send instructions on how to make a deposit & hold your space 





Your fearless guides ::


From pharma to freedom…corporate misery to location-independent bliss

Heather ::  coach, bullshit-slayer, adventure travel guide, + small business energy-bomb

My story ::  When I emerged that first day from the stairs of the Tokyo subway system onto a teeming street corner, I felt my stomachheartliverkidneys in my throat.  I had no idea where I was going and everything looked the same. I felt exposed.  Alien.  As a 19 year old kid with nothing but a backpack, a few thousand bucks, and a long history of severe social anxiety, I was paralyzed.  Was I NUTS?

How would I ever find housing, a job, or friends when I couldn’t even take more than two steps in this hive of a city without feeling like I was going to throw up from fear?  But the ‘how’ was quickly silenced as I turned my attention to the neon sign I had fastened above the door in my brain:

This is my destiny.

Dropping out of university and throwing myself into the most foreign environment I could think of was how I decided to re-write my story. Because the old story wasn’t working any more. I was tired of being ruled by doubt. I was sick of living small. I was over feeling alone in the world and decided the best way to find my place, my courage was to go and chase the hell out of it, karate chopping my fears along the way. I didn’t die on that street corner in Tokyo, even though the possibility felt real on that pivotal day, and in the weeks and months ahead. Rather, I chose life and adventure and exploration. I was welcomed into the first ever cohesive family unit I had ever known, learned that personality goes a long way as a general life skill, and that happiness and success are mine to define. Since then I have traveled to all 7 continents, over 40 countries and lived in 6 different ones besides my own. Everything about who I am, about the way I run my business and help my clients, is rooted in freedom. Freedom from the cages we construct for ourselves, both physically and mentally. Freedom from old or ‘common sense’ ways of thinking. Freedom to access the courage it takes to become all that we want to be in this life, and accepting nothing less. [/EXPAND]




From 9-5 job living on my own to a nomadic life of freedom with a husband that I discovered along the way

Amy ::  get-your-book-done coach, superstar editor, nomadic soul, semi-pro Argentine

My Story ::  “It’s all your fault, you know,” I told my cousin when my husband and I—married less than five months—went to visit her. “If it weren’t for that conversation we had over dinner ten years ago, none of this would have happened.”

[EXPAND READ THE REST] It’s true. If she and my other cousins hadn’t encouraged me to hit the road “while I still could,” I would probably still be living on my own in San Francisco. But after that conversation over dinner in 2002, I spent two years planning and saving and dreaming, and then quit my job to travel the world for nine months. Of course, that trip just added fuel to my desire for adventure, and to my determination to not go back to an office. That’s when I started my business, Nomad Editorial, so I could live and work anywhere in the world, and I moved to Argentina in 2007. Turns out the love of my life was waiting for me in Argentina, and he, too, was hungry to see the world. We’re now back on the road, together, living and working wherever we are. Along this journey, writing has been a steady companion, both online and in countless road-weary travel journals. Over time, I’ve honed my writing and editing skills, studied creativity coaching, and finally combined it all with my book-publishing background to help other writers get their books out into the world. I believe in freedom, the magic of words, the power of coaching to get things done, and the stories each one of us has to share with the world. [/EXPAND]




From comfortable, safe and…a little lost, to 6 months in an ashram only to return to a life of service and meaning in the poor communities of South Africa.

Leela ::  yogini, community service maven, music nut, recovering Communications specialist

My Story ::  As I held tightly onto her, her tears wetting my sleeve, I realised that this is IT. This moment, where nothing else exists outside of me just being able to be there for a broken 20 year old inmate as she tells me her story in a language I don’t even understand, in a voice too used to being silenced – THIS is why I do what I do.

[EXPAND READ THE REST]…I left a life that was good. It was comfortable, safe and really not that boring. And yet, when the niggle starts to niggle and the ‘what’s the point’ voice won’t shut up as you sip your morning coffee or drive your route to work, you kinda have to pay it some attention at some point. I didn’t even realize how much on the wrong path I was until I elected to get off it, finding myself in an ashram in the middle of nowhere north-India. A series of not so random circumstances and 9 months later I was back in Cape Town, my home, wondering what the hell to do with my life and my profoundly deep newly-discovered self. But I guess like all of ‘us’ types, it’s not even so much a matter of now ticking the right boxes that lead to our perceived LaLa Land, but actually more about honouring the consistent FEELING that drives everything we do. I don’t think I’m a super hero for taking the chances I have, or for leaping without being able to see the net. But I do like to consistently recognize gratitude when reflecting on the day that has passed, seeing that most of my actions were all driven by intuition and heart. I could bullet-point the things I have done or the labels I have been given to allow you get a sense of who I am and my credentials. But I’m not going to. It’s pointless. For where I am NOW is where I am, and that’s all that counts. I work for an NGO based in South Africa that facilitates selfless service, conducting community outreach projects for those who need it the most. We see selfless service as a means of self-discovery, focusing on tools such as yoga, an approach to life and self-understanding that opens the mind and body, confronts limits and leads to transformation. Whether service takes the form of yoga and breath awareness classes for prisoners or HIV-positive children, or a distribution of food and clothing hampers for the destitute, SevaUnite’s focus is on serving, loving and giving, as much as you can, as often as you can. I love real people who live in the present, who accept both positive and negative, who embrace change, acknowledge fear and weakness, want to make a real difference but can maintain their humility, who recognize the absolute gift of working together rather than separately, who make space for the their intuitive voice and who remember to believe in themselves. [/EXPAND]




Check out this recent video from Cuzco


Where we’ll be staying ::


What’s not included ::

  • Travel to Lima
  • Travel from Lima to Cuzco
  • Personal purchases such as souvenirs and alcohol
  • Dinner on April 23rd, the first day of the retreat (see FAQ for explanation)
  • Transport from Cuzco hotel to airport for departure (because everyone will be leaving on different days & times)


one section of the Pisac ruins


FAQ’s (because I know you’ve got some Q’s…like what the heckfire is a havan?)

Why Pisac?[EXPAND read answer...]We’ve chosen Pisac because it’s only 45 minutes out of Cuzco in a stunningly beautiful part of the Sacred Valley next some equally stunning ruins that often get passed over by the usual tourist brigades that are headed over to Machu Picchu. It’s also got a handful of great places to eat, and one of the best indigenous markets in the entire Sacred Valley. It’s just the right place for our purposes and we know it’ll knock your socks off.[/EXPAND]

Why aren’t we going to Machu Picchu? [EXPAND read answer...]While Machu Picchu is pretty damn amazing, the focus of this retreat isn’t sightseeing. However the Machu Picchu ruins are easily accessible from Cuzco and should you decide to make the trip out there, you can arrange this no problem for before or after the retreat itself.[/EXPAND]

The accommodations state double occupancy. Does that mean I’ll be sharing a room? [EXPAND read answer...]Yes, you’ll be paired up with another brilliant adventurous soul that has been handpicked for this trip based on your applications (we’ll do our best to place you with someone who seems like a really good match.) Unfortunately there’s no option for a private room due to the way the retreat centre is set up. There are private bathrooms in all rooms though, and you are more than welcome to request to room with someone specific – just let us know![/EXPAND]

May I bring a friend? [EXPAND read answer...]Most definitely – they do however have to submit an application like everyone else and be accepted. You can note in the comments section of the application form if you are applying with a friend, and if you’re both accepted, we’ll definitely put you in a room together. [/EXPAND]

Why is there an application process? [EXPAND read answer...]Partially because there’s a huge wait list already for this adventure, and partly because we’ve curated a really unique experience that we feel passionately about and want to make sure that everyone on the trip is an excellent fit so that they can get the most out of it.[/EXPAND]

Can you tell me more about the itinerary? [EXPAND read answer...]Please click here to view the loose itinerary.[/EXPAND]

With yoga, hiking, writing and a side trip to Ollantaytambo, will there be any time for me to explore the town of Pisac on my own or just chill on the retreat grounds if I feel like it? [EXPAND read answer...]Absolutely. We’ve factored in some downtime and none of the local walks, hikes, or visits to the town market are mandatory. If you feel like you just want to relax and write, or have a nap, or stare at some flowers, that’s totally cool. [/EXPAND]

What’s a “havan”?  [EXPAND read answer...]OK ok, I know this is going to sound super woo woo. And it kinda is. But sometimes it’s good to try something different, you know? And it’s optional, yo. So, a havan is a sacred fire ceremony which purifies our surroundings. We come together in an act of selfless contribution, dedicating this time to collectively focusing on the common good of all, expressing gratitude to Mother Nature and all the elements, and praying for healing for the earth. It is also a moment for us to dispel any negative energy from our minds, release negative thought patterns, and clear the space for new, progressive and positive energies we want to invite in. There’s a bit of chanting of Vedic hymns (don’t freak out, now) because as with meditation, concentration of the mind, in this case through chanting, makes way for self-realization, and cleanses our body and mind, as well as the atmosphere. Whew! Woo woo technicalities = over. We promise it’s cool or we wouldn’t include it. [/EXPAND]

I’ve been to Peru before. How will this trip be different? [EXPAND read answer...]This trip is different because not only are we going to be stationed in a less travelled (yet AMAZING) part of the Sacred Valley, but unlike other visitors we’re not just passing through. We’re going to take the time to explore the beauty and culture of this wicked-cool location, and experience it in a way that not many other people have the opportunity to. We’ve planned the trip around a full moon so the night of April 25th will be particularly enchanting. You’ll also have the three of us plus seven other forward-thinking world changers to commiserate with on business, life, and psychospiritual grounding. Think of it as a mini-mastermind in which we harness the energy of the Sacred Valley and ourselves to reboot and recharge on multiple levels. [/EXPAND]

Why don’t you include dinner on the first night in Cuzco? [EXPAND read answer...]Cuzco is located at 3400 meters above sea level and for anyone who is arriving that day, you’re likely to feel some mild effects from the sudden altitude change. One of the most common side effects of altitude is a loss of appetite, so we didn’t want to include a nice meal and then have a bunch of people miss out because they needed to take it easy in their hotel room. We will be going out for an optional group dinner for those who are feeling up to it, and you can expect to spend no more than $20-$25 for dinner.[/EXPAND]

Should I be worried about the altitude? [EXPAND read answer...]If you already know that you have a low tolerance for high altitudes, this should be taken into consideration. However hundreds of thousands of people of all ages pass through Cuzco every year and are able to manage the altitude. Seriously…like, 80 year olds go there all the time and can handle it. You just need to be prepared to take it easy for the first 24 hours in Cuzco. The retreat centre in the Sacred Valley where we’ll be staying is at a lower altitude than Cuzco so it’s likely that any symptoms you feel will alleviate as we descend into the valley.[/EXPAND]

What will the coaching be like? [EXPAND read answer...]Our coaching and writing exercises will play off one another as we work with the theme of story – both in your personal and business spheres. Expect to be pushed. Expect to go deep. It ain’t going to be easy. But then again, nothing worth having ever was. Our intention is for you to leave this retreat having left a bunch of shit behind that is no longer serving you. You’ll take with you a newfound confidence, voice, and writing prowess that will make your audience fall even more in love with you.[/EXPAND]

Will I have private time with Heather, Amy, or Leela? [EXPAND read answer...]There’s no structured time alone with us individually but you’re welcome to fall into step with any one of us on a walk or hike, or around the retreat centre if you feel like a one-on-one chat.[/EXPAND]

I really want to go on this trip, but I can’t afford it.  Do you offer a payment plan? [EXPAND read answer...]Sister, we’ve been there. Fortunately, we do offer a payment plan to make this more accessible for all.  It would suck if the only thing between you and this retreat was a chunk of cash.  However, everyone whose application is accepted must place a $500 non-refundable deposit in order to secure your space. The remaining amount of $1197 is payable in two installments of $598.50 – one by Jan 15th, 2013 and then next by March 15th, 2013.[/EXPAND]

Disconnect       Get in tune       Lean in       Let go


This Adventure Reboot Retreat is:

  • Totally unique & FUN – please leave your serious pants at home
  • Designed to send you home feeling more grounded, fearless, and capable in your life and business
  • NOT good for people who are terrified of heights (a little scared, ok…but terrified, not so much)
  • Guaranteed to contain a smattering of adult language and dangerous amounts of laughter
  • Can be vegetarian-friendly


Cost :: $1697 USD p/p

The application deadline has passed. But please feel free to submit an application to be put on the Wait List.


Unchain your awesome in the Sacred Valley of Peru in April 2013.

Apply here and tell us a little bit about your freedom-seeking self

Still have questions?  Ask us anything by dropping an email to heather [at] and I’ll get back to you ASAP.


What happens next?

Step One:  If you’re interested, first fill out our application and tell us more about yourself

Step Two:  If we think you’re a perfect fit for the program, I will email you within 48 hours with more information

Step Three:  Once you’re ready to make the commitment, I’ll send instructions on how to make a deposit & hold your space



Testimonials from the 2012 Iceland Adventure Reboot Retreat ::


“I had a few hesitations about signing up for the Iceland Retreat, mainly with the schedule being so full, if we were able to accomplish everything, as well as having enough time to explore and soak in all the places. I’ve been on a few trips where everyone had to stay with the group the whole entire time and you couldn’t really walk around and explore on your own. As a photographer, my job is to seek out and capture “the shot”, so having to stick with a group meant missing out on some really unique and creative shots. I loved how even though we were a group, we had the freedom to walk around and explore and take in all the places we visited, how we wanted. At no point did I ever feel rushed, and we were able to accomplish everything that was on the itinerary. This gave me the opportunity to capture some really amazing photo’s.

I also loved all the little details Heather, took care of to make the retreat happen. Renting a beautiful villa, having home cooked meals waiting for us, playing our favorite music during our time driving around, and really introducing us to the people and culture of Iceland. She did everything she could to make sure we were all comfortable and taken care of and knew how to roll with the punches effortlessly. It was a great combination of exploring during the day and relaxing and unwinding during the evening. She was also extremely knowledgeable of the history and culture of Iceland and was constantly pointing out and explaining things to all of us, and any questions we had that she wasn’t sure of, she made sure to find out for us.

I would totally recommend being a part of Heather’s retreats. It’s a great way to visit a new place, learn about their culture, immerse yourself in it, as well as surrounding yourself with other amazing women who are also building and growing their business. This experience is definitely in my top 5 and I can’t stop talking about it enough. I’m definitely keeping an eye on her upcoming retreats and am looking forward to being able to join her again on a future retreat!”

Aimelie Ronquillo
Documentary Photographer for Families and Small Businesses


“I couldn’t have wished for a better way to experience Iceland for the first time. Heather is a generous, knowledgeable and fun guide for such a wonderful adventure retreat. She made sure there were great local experiences as well as exciting activities.  The value of this unforgettable trip cannot be overstated. I wholeheartedly recommend a retreat with Heather. You won’t be disappointed.”

Lynn Crymble
Sense & Sensuality Sage at Come to your Senses

“Heather’s retreat was my 3rd trip to Iceland but it felt like my 1st! We discovered so much, shared so many memories and adventures with like minded business women and experienced so many things we never would have experienced in another location or on our own. Heather pours her heart and soul into her retreats and it shows from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave. And it is HARD TO LEAVE! You will NOT ever be disappointed! I would totally recommend her retreats to anyone who has an adventurous spirit and desire to explore and learn! Heather rocks!”

Anastasia Valentine
CEO,  Chief Strategist,  Positive Instigator, Marketing Maven