Ok, so this is about as Location Independence 101 as it gets. I'm going to dish out the basics today because really? Thousands of people have no idea where to just…BEGIN. I was there once. And I wish that someone just handed me the idiot's guide so that I had a jumping off point. (not… Read More

  In my four years of running The Republic of Freedom, I've seen probably about a 70% attrition rate in online businesses (overall, not within my clients). I've witnessed countless people give themselves a title, throw up a website, blog a few times, sometimes make a lot of unsubstantiated claims, and sometimes hardly make a… Read More

RuPaul - You better work

Friends and comrades! The LEAP Guide is opening soon and we've decided to do something fun this round by offering one (1) scholarship to one illustrious and lucky future freelancer. If you haven't yet heard about it, The LEAP Guide is an incredibly comprehensive resource that covers all the steps and everything you need to… Read More

Hot dang is it ever easy to blame yourself when something goes wrong. "They all see now that I'm a fraud" or "I'm not good enough at this" or "I'm not 'cool' enough to be acknowledged by him/her". Well, here's my plea to you to not take it personally when no one shows up. When… Read More

It's Reader Question time! Every week in my newsletter I ask readers to submit questions for me to help them with. This week I'm answering a question from Melanie that I've been asked a lot over the past few years. She wrote, "At what point in your first year or two of entrepreneurship did you… Read More

Ok ok, I'm finally going to address something that has come up A LOT over the years and especially now with the participants of the LEAP course who are in that crucial (and often terrifying) transition of going from employee to freelancers. How to get over the fear of launching your first website and "putting… Read More

Declare independence from not feeling all that thrilled about going to work today. If you've felt less than enthusiastic about your job for more than a few months, you're doing yourself a huge disservice. You know this. Declare independence from being concerned about your parents reactions to your choices. There's a 95% chance that they… Read More

  I know as well as anyone that every dollar counts when you're starting out as an entrepreneur or freelancer. You've calculated how much you need to live on, you've projected your income, but nothing is certain.   And committing to monthly payments to pay for things you could just do the old school way… Read More

So you think this 'going out on your own' stuff is scary huh? Feels a little insecure? Not ready to leave the steady pay check in return for 40 hours of your life per week? Not sure if you ever will be? Here's something to chew on: we humans have been freelancers and entrepreneurs forever… Read More

Stop eating cheese every time it's in front of you. Start taking your chewable Vitamin C every day. Stop going full days without dancing. Start exercising those vocal chords the way you "keep meaning to" but never get around to. Stop letting the cold be an excuse. Start really committing. Stop letting yourself get annoyed… Read More

How do hotels get more guests? Not by getting better and adding more features (i.e.; increasing their luxury level), but by being incredibly consistent in delivering service right where they're at. When people know what to expect and have the same satisfactory experience over and over again, trust is built. Consistency builds trust. And trust… Read More

I'd bet my bottom dollar that at least 2 out of 5 of your biggest problems or irritations right now are situational. As in, if you were not in that situation, they would cease to be a problem. It's easy to throw up your arms and say, "But I can't do anything about it! I… Read More