A couple of months ago I published a post with a bunch of iPhone pictures from my time in Antarctica working on the expedition ship M/V Sea Explorer. You all loved it so much (oh the emails!) that I decided to post a second round of visuals (plus video) to ignite your wanderlust even further. Here… Read More

Dear business coach/strategist; This might sound harsh, but no one gives a shit about clarity. Clarity is just a symptom of an underlying greater need. The real need is to make profit. The real need is to be sure that we'll be able to pay our bills at the end of the month. The real… Read More

  As promised I'm including more photo stories on the blog and I'm kicking it off with some images from Sweden's IceHotel where I had the pleasure of staying last week. Excuse the quality of some of the photos - all I had was my iPhone! I'd been hearing about Sweden's amazing IceHotel for years… Read More

  One day I'll be a good writer. I know this, because I keep showing up weekly and writing something here. I know this because if you look at my blog posts from three years ago, they're not that great. I've gotten better. Because I keep showing up. And one day I'll be a good… Read More

A while ago I made a video called Your Competition Does not Exist. This, I firmly believe. But I also believe it's possible to make your competition irrelevant. I don't just believe it, I know it. As with so many things in business and life, success/action/forward motion/achievement all rest fundamentally with one thing: mindset. Your… Read More

If you're struggling to charge healthy (or even fair market) prices for your services, you've probably got one of two problems: you know what you provide is worth it's weight in gold but you've got issues with charging people money for it you know deep down that what you're delivering isn't worth the amount of… Read More

I confess.  I was pretty gutted when I heard the news of Philip Seymour Hoffman's untimely death a few weeks ago.  He was so fricken' awesome at his craft.  And not just because the man could act, but because he had nailed a sort of channeled vulnerability that's impossible not to relate to. It's guys… Read More

If you’ve been hanging around the online business world for long, you’ve probably heard about Marie Forleo’s B-school.  I’ve written about it HERE and HERE in previous years, and today I’m going to throw down my perspective from 3 years out.  It was a huge investment for me at the time, and people often ask… Read More

With the exception of things that will actually kill you, such as heart failure, let's scrap the word FAIL from our vocab shall we?  This silly little word wreaks havoc on creativity, on daring, on mojo. Why do we insist on letting such insidious labels control our lives?  You know that catchy little interrogative, "What… Read More

Listen.  No, really….LISTEN.  That's the How. You don't have all the answers. But you do have specific-to-you expertise in your field(s). So rather than tell people what to do or try to sell them a formula, apply your specific expertise to the situation they bring to you. The number one rule of solving someone's problem… Read More

This list isn’t a quiz to uncover whether or not you’re a shit employee. And it isn’t meant to destroy your self-esteem. This is meant to help you figure out whether you’re meant to be an employee or not. I’m a terrible employee. I’m excellent at performing job functions but I hate working for other… Read More

Call me crazy, but I actually like talking about all the things I've done wrong, or that went sideways despite my best efforts.   Like the first two attempts I made at running group coaching courses. I had no clue at all what I was doing. I just hung out my shingle on my then-lackluster… Read More