I used to get stopped by this insanely chatty guy in Peru when I was walking the dog. Well, he didn't exactly stop me....rather he'd start talking to me and fall into step beside me and then basically keep me hostage for up to an hour. Even as I was walking away up the stairs… Read More

Image from Neato Shop   You have a good heart. (If you're bitchy, petty, or overly judgemental...move along. Nothing to see here.) Really, you have a good heart. So when the shit hits the fan, take the high road. Always. There's not a single good thing that can come of meeting negativity with negativity, so… Read More

I have a funny relationship with Twitter. I love it, and I want to be on it, but I often forget that it exists. Then I go on there randomly once every ten days and discover all this amazing stuff. I binge on my Twitter feed like my dog on horse poo when he stumbles… Read More

If you’re new around here, this is the best way to get caught up with the happenings of the Republic. Below are half of my most popular posts, as decided by you, my readers. Poke around – I hope you find some ideas that resonate.  … Read More

Remember when you were a teenager and you did a lot of dumb shit? Anything from the sin of terrible fashion to large scale dumbassery (like that time they called the po po)? Don't deny it, friend - not one of us made it through that evolution unscathed by the occasional #FAIL. True, the happiest times...but… Read More

Lately I've been getting loads of questions from my readers so every few weeks I like to grab a tough one and give it a stab here on the blog. This one is from Kate U who works in a steady job that she doesn't really like who asked, "How do I overcome my addiction… Read More

It's a bit crazy to imagine, but it's only been about a decade and a half since the prospect of running an online business became a reality. It used to be that you had to get an MBA to learn about business principals, or come from a family of small business owners who taught you… Read More

Not long ago I asked my mailing list people what questions (business or otherwise) they wanted me to answer on the blog. Today I'm tackling one that has come up repeatedly. "Do I need to start my business before I quit my job?" Great question! I myself did not start my business before I left… Read More

I’m going to assume that your business income - while low - is enough to put a roof over your head, food on your table, clothes on your back, and a signal on your laptop. If it’s not, back you go to boosting your income or decreasing your expenses. Saving (and this article) will wait… Read More

I'm going to be straight up with you - I think everyone's gotten a little carried away with this whole "find my passion" business. First off, it's a bloody tall order that leaves most chasing their tails, reading every self-help "find yourself" book out there for years and still not coming to a conclusion. I've… Read More

First off, thank you for being here. Seriously. I know you're reading this because you want to do meaningful work with people who rock, and I (for one) salute you! Problem is, no matter how lovely you are or well-intentioned you be, if you're a service-based freelancer you will inevitably have to deal with the… Read More

This week we're back on the topic of Sweden. A couple of months ago I did a SNAPSHOT post of Sweden's super-famous Ice Hotel, but this time I wanted to show you the warmer side of this lovely Nordic country.   Sweden's known for their love of pickled herring, but did you know they're bonkers… Read More