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So you’re a copywriter/coach/web designer/yoga teacher/financial advisor/artist/insert-specialty-here and you run your own business. You’re an expert in your field, and for the most part, you’ve got the basic tools you need to run your business. But it’s tough work and you don’t always have the resources you need at your fingertips.

Sometimes (perhaps often) you feel alone.

Entrepreneurship is a labour of love and if you’ve seen my Reboot Tips, you know I am a big proponent of cutting out the bullshit, and surrounding yourself with people who “get” you, as well as people who are ahead of you in the game.  It’s crucial to your success that you have an objective & savvy community that is going to push you when you need it and celebrate your successes when you deserve it.  Your momma and your honey ain’t gonna cut it.

At least, not if you want to get growing already…and FAST.

Enter Marie Forleo’s Rich Happy and Hot B-school. Now you’ve probably been hearing a lot about this lately, because her program is in full-tilt launch mode.

RHHB School

But I’m not going to talk about her program or the content.  It’s darn good…her videos speak for themselves.   She sells her own program.

Oh no, I want to tell you about something different.

I’m going to tell you where B-school’s real long term value lives.

It lives in the knock-down drag-out PHENOMENAL community (<—missing link alert!) that has been created by B-school students and grads. The private Facebook group is hands down the




element in my business growth in the past 18 months.

Rooftop terrace

Rooftop terrace ~ two blocks from the ocean


I went from living in a house I could no longer afford in cold-ass Toronto, having no money and only two clients, to having a thriving coaching practice, running International Adventure Reboot Retreats, and living in a penthouse two blocks from the ocean in beautiful Peru in less than a year.


Yes, Marie’s B-school content is the best out there and helped set my business up for success. And yes I worked my butt off to get where I am. But the B-school community is the key to my success, and the success of many others.


Ok Heather, by why is it so awesome?


First off, because everyone is freaking amazingly GENUINELY nice, smart, and positive. Here are three comments made on the group page from the past two days:

I JUST got accepted in this group early this AM + HOLY shiz balls y’all are the warmest community I’ve ever seen! I’ve been in a ton and WOW gratitude for you all.” ~ New B-schooler

Thank you all for your support – I have never felt so much love and light as I have today. [ ] This is TRULY an amazing group of women, and I’m blessed to be a part of it.” ~ proud B-schooler

It’s truly amazing what we have created in here together. I am grateful to EVERYONE here … those who participate a lot and those who don’t and those who pop in and out from time to time. There is such a profound sense of curiosity, generosity and support in here. As the next round of B-School is around the bend, I just want to express my gratitude to ALL of you. I am grateful to know you and be connected to you. You have changed my life in ways I could never have imagined possible in a virtual group of friends and colleagues.” ~ Laurie T. Rosenfeld, proud B-schooler

Second, and most importantly, almost every resource you could possibly need to run your business can be found in the B-school community.

Have a small business up and running but your accounting is a mess or non-existent? Ask B-schoolers what to do and you’ll not only have a critical appraisal of different software within the hour, you might even have found yourself an accountant.

Updating your website and need recommendations on a plugin? Throw the Q out in B-school and you’ll have 10 solid answers within the hour.

Wanting to run your first ever webinar but have NO clue which software would be the best? Throw out the Q in B-school and you’ll have multiple people chime in right away with suggestions as well as pros and cons of different platforms.

Trying to rebrand your biz and can’t decide on the right tagline or photo to go in your website header? Throw out the options to the B-school group and you’ll get an avalanche of feedback – again, within the HOUR on what resonates with people.

Got a new product or service that you want to test out? You’ve got an entire focus group of 700+ women in B-school that will be full of willing guinea pigs for you.

Going through a divorce and feeling overwhelmed as you juggle this while getting your business up and running? Mention it in the forum and you’ll find many a kindred spirit and offer of help.

The real beauty and power of B-school is that it brings together like-minded, strong, super-supportive entrepreneurial women who believe in the economy of abundance. If what you want is to level up your business, well I’ve got news for you sister because the side effect of B-school is that it will change your life forever.

Prepare for your mind to be blown.

I am a very proud affiliate of B-school because I believe every woman running her own business should be a part of it. It’s more than a school, it’s a movement.   Oh yeah and did I mention, the program pays for itself?  Whatchu waiting for? :)


From my “office” in Peru


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Heather Author: Heather Thorkelson is a small business strategist for people with heart. She's crazy grateful to make her living helping other people lay the foundations so that they too can live as they dream. Don't be shy - connect with her here in the comments or over on Google+

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  • Vanessa May 19, 2012, 12:28 am

    Hi, just wondering how international this community it. It sounds wonderful, but I do run across a lot of, not exactly issues, but sometimes it’s hard to find the right support as I live in Australia & so many forums are US based. Things like taxation, accounting, local laws especially…

  • Heather May 19, 2012, 1:08 am

    Hey Vanessa! Thanks for your comment. I’m happy to report that B-school is FULL of international folks. There were about 20 of us in Toronto, Canada alone before I moved to Peru. There are loads of women all over Europe and increasingly the Middle East, in B-school. And yes, Australia as well! Denise Duffield-Thomas of Lucky Bitch and Nicola Chatham of Sprout are two that immediately come to mind, but I believe there are several more and with this current registration period I feel like the party is getting even more multi-national. It’s one of the things I love about B-school. So multi-cultural and yet so tightly-woven. I hope that helps answer your question! Cheers. (PS I LOVE Brisbane, and the fact that cheese and your dog are your top favorite things you love that you listed on your blog means we are on the same wavelength. :)

  • Laurie T. Rosenfeld, JD,MA | Transformative Change Partner May 19, 2012, 7:33 pm

    Heather, fantastic post and an excellent description of all that we gain through B-School! So happy to have connected with you here. xoxo

  • Laurie T. Rosenfeld, JD,MA | Transformative Change Partner May 19, 2012, 7:38 pm

    I especially resonate with this line: “The real beauty and power of B-school is that it brings together like-minded, strong, super-supportive entrepreneurial women who believe in the economy of abundance.” B-School brings together women (and a few men) with a mindset and an energy that is not easily found elsewhere. And THAT is something that catapults your business far beyond simply knowing the mechanics of running a business. I think the heart that exists in B-School is essential, especially for women entrepreneurs. xoxo

  • Sharon February 16, 2014, 7:01 pm

    Hi Heather,

    I’m noticing this post is from 2012. I’m wondering if you are still an affiliate? I’m from Kitchener (near “cold-ass” Toronto), and wanted to connect with others in the area. B-school registration opens on the 19th, and I plan to be there!



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